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This is ya boy - Jumping in feet first

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Hey-o~. Well, given by the username, yes, my name is Django. Not exactly new to roleplaying, considering I've been doing it for a good while. Better  part of... I'd say about three years. Not the most, but certainly not that bad.


I suppose if there were any questions, it'd have to be what are the major roleplay hotspots, what's the way that people emote (Like how in WoW it was /e and in Guild Wars 2 it was /me), and what's the best way to just jump right in?

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Welcome to Balmung! To answer your questions in order:


1) Balmung sees RP in basically every adventurer's guild in all three main capitols, plus a huge slew of events that happen on the regular. Check out the Calendar tab to see what's coming up, and I know there's more stuff originating from Tumblr that doesn't always get cross-posted here.


2) Emoting is more or less your call. The custom emote command is /em but not everyone uses them all of the time. Combining dialogue and just writing in an emote isn't that weird either. Whatever you feel comfortable with, you're probably going to get across your point and be understood.


3) The best way to jump in is to jump in. Walk-up RP is almost the norm, especially in the city hubs, so feel out a conversation and just slide into a scene.

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No, it's just that you can't create new characters on the server. The only sure-fire way to get into Balmung is to pay the $18 transfer fee, which also allows you to transfer a number of characters at once. It also ensures there's no gil trade spam, either. But, yeah, it's kind of a pain.

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Hello there, welcome! :D The Adventurer's Guild in U'ldah (aka The Quicksand) is the most common hotspot for random, casual RP. As the others have said, unless you really get lucky and manage to sneak into the server right before or after a maintenance or server hiccup, the only way to get onto Balmung is to do a server transfer.

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When I read your title I instantly thought you were a youtuber....


"Hey it's ya boy comin' back at ya with an all new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare video! As always remember to smack that like button and keep it real....."




But other then that, welcome to the RPC lol

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Balmung: Its Worth It.  So Worth it.  Totally Worth It!


This is my new catch phrase for anyone who asks about it ^_^


I hope you're able to find a way on, welcome to our community!  (Just check how far down this rabbit hole goes before you... too late!)

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