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Macro Polo


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Another one of these fun questions I just thought of and had to write down immediately lest I forget it over a thought concerning barbecue instead!


So! Here's the question(s):


1. How often, if at all, do you use macros for RP?

2. In what cases do you think it's unacceptable to use macros and why?


In the meantime, I'm going to hire a bear to sit at a picnic table wearing a collar and tie and holding onto a picnic basket.

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I have dance macros with the ranger poses and a macro I borrowed from someone else for a round of darts. Oh, and I have a hide and seek macro too (if that counts.)


The most /facepalm worthy macro I've seen was an elezen dude using... I think it's their /soothe emote or something... as a butt grab/spank. Macroing erp is just... wat. (Plus that headroll at the end, rage inducing right there.) But hey, what do I know, mebbe it's a common practice?

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1. Never


2. Lengthy pre-planned/prepared text for a larger scene and/or event. Something that would require chaining together multiple emotes/actions in a small timeframe. (Like transformation macros).


My reasons? How many times does it take for someone to repeat the same phrase before it gets grating? Or repetitive? Or otherwise just plan stale from overuse? ...not many, in my opinion. Seeing someone have a RP /say macro would be like attaching a macro onto Flash as a tank. I'd probably walk away. Or temporarily blacklist the person if they were around, but not involved in my scene.


Using a macro for a large-scale event makes more sense. There are a number of performance-style scenes where people have already done their writing and planning. Putting something like that into a macro to control the flow of text/spellcheck is OK in my book.

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I use them in order to manipulate the pre-set emotes such that my character behaves a certain way when making certain gestures. The most common is creating a macro to force a straight face during waving hello/goodbye and yes/no. Given the manner in which the Lalafell PC behaves during a lot of emotes, I needed to change a few around in some way to preserve my character's image, lol.

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I don't use macros in normal RP; I'll usually toss an RP-ish emote on a macro for an ability that requires people know it's been used (such as Living Dead or Hallowed Ground). I occasionally used them for Limit Breaks a while ago, but they got a bit tiresome, so I removed them.


Where I find macros are extremely useful is when giving speeches. I'll pre-write the speech, then slap it into one or macros with /waits between the lines. This means I only have to type it once and I can try it out to see how it flows, whether I like it, etc. I've also used it for rituals and other "event RP" where the text and flow is scripted.

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I used to have a macro that chained a few emotes together to make it look like Corelyn hit a button on her faceplate to raise and lower the visor. It looked pretty cool. =-)


I don't have it anymore, though, and it gives me a sad.

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I don't, but I really should given how the early stages of Verad's pitch is highly scripted. Nevertheless, I prefer taking the time to write it all out to incorporate minor differences in each attempt.

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