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Lamia role playing group

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Hello everyone!


I play on the lamia server and I am getting into role playing "rp". I like to meet new people and see all the ways they like to rp and hear their stories. So I have opened a small bar in the lavender beds ward 12 plot 2 "The Night Milk Bar"! It will be active every Friday from 10pm-12am est and I'll be posting events! The owner of the bar is Ajisai Aoi'tsuki, a miqo'te who likes Milk a little too much. Come share your tails with her!

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Hey there!


Glad to see RP events are being planned and happen on other servers!


I've moved your thread over to the Making Connections forum because it appears to be more of a finding RP listing.


If you have a dedicated post for your event, another thread can also be made in the Roleplay Events forum.

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Thank you for relocating my post. 


Yes, I know my server is not that big on role playing. However, when I stated on this server, some two years back, I wasn't planing on rp at the time. I have invested a lot to move her over so I want to make the best of things. If there are people on lamia who want to rp, they but have to search to find me. I want to make it as easy for them as possible. 


Some upcoming events will be, but not limited to: karioki night, warrior battles, archer compitition, and drinking contest. 


I'm also working on some small stories and big group stories as well!


Thank you for your support! ?

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