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How is the RP/Environment?


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Hey there.


Everyone is basically on Balmung. There's a few people doing attempts at RP on other servers, who I salute for their effort, but ultimately Balmung is PROBABLY the server you want to go. It is however a pain to get on this server. Character creation is always locked. However unlocked WoW, you can transfer up to 8 character for the same amount of money, so that's an option I'd highly recommend :)


As for RP? There's plenty to be found! Admittedly its a bit hard to find walk-up RP compared to something like WoW (although I can only speak for EU Alliance side). But it is packed with roleplayers!


http://balmungrpcalendar.tumblr.com/ - might be a good idea to see for yourself how RP is.


In any case, best of luck if you do decide to join FFXIV.

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Main server people Roleplay on is Balmung, which happen to be the hardest to get on short of transfer due to high pop. As for how is the RP/Environment, really depends on what you are looking for/time of day you play. You can find just about anything, granted some things you need to look harder for then others.


Virella Beat me to it. As she said, best of luck if you decided on FFXIV!

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Hey there! There are definitely plenty of RPer's around here. I can't say what it's like on other servers, but Balmung is packed with RPer's literally everywhere haha. Like already said, unfortunately it's near impossible to get into the server unless you pay for a transfer. In my opinion, as someone who has transferred six characters, it's worth it if you're looking for hardcore RP. If you decide to play I'd be more than happy to help you out with anything! :D


Thought I'd mention as well that FFXIV has probably one of the best communities of people. Compared to WoW that I have played for many, many years. Of course there's always going to be "those" people, but most of the time the people you encounter are always more than happy to lend a hand. :love:

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