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Hello, everyone! :bows:


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Hiya, I'm Dillen, but most people call me by my character's nickname, Mimi.


I've been roleplaying the majority of my life; I started roleplay when I was 7, and have done a mixture of styles- but mostly paragraph style and D&D. I'd gotten quite interested in the roleplaying community on FFXIV when I ended up following a lot of you on tumblr, and transferred my main character to Balmung just a few days ago.


However... my character and I both are very shy. I have a very hard time just jumping into things, and there's so many different free companies and linkshells that it's overwhelming, and I'm so shy that I get too nervous to contact people about them... orz


I'm for sure a heavy roleplayer; I get very emotionally attached to my characters and other people's- of course, this helps me get into character very easily! When it comes to that, some people have even said it worries them how much I can change to play a character... DON'T WORRY GUYS IT'S STILL ME



As for content in FFXIV other than roleplaying, I'm fairly casual. I've taken a few swings at things like Sephirot EX, and I'm sure I could clear them with a nice party... but I prefer to do other things, most of the time! The classes I play are WHM, AST, and BRD, but only WHM is capped out of those three so far. I'm a little behind on gear as well, unfortunately...



More personal stuff... I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I sometimes do art, but I'm not that great at it yet; and unfortunately I spend a lot of time not practicing. I'm a lazy 4.0 GPA student, which means... I'm pretty much never busy with school stuff outside of school, ever. I have a policy of not doing anything for school outside of school. If it doesn't get done in study hall, well, it just ain't gettin' done. Why? more time for RP ofc


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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


Using the Making Connections forum might be the best means of starting out. I can understand being a little timid with joining an alien community and just starting out, but people are pretty friendly on the whole! You won't have a whole lot to worry about.

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Welcome to the Community!


I love Pen and Paper Styled Games I find the character sheets and the dice help to regulate a few characteristics that often time get out of control when their isn't guidelines in place. Plus its always enjoyable to sit around a table and play with some buddies face to face too.


Well I hope we get a chance and opportunity to meet in character one-day (In game Ryslo Suramlo) Feel free to add me. I'm always up for a random encounter!

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Thanks, you two! I'll be sure to look out for ya, Ryslo. I've never played face to face before, only over Skype- but it certainly sounds fun. I'll see about adding you when I get on next!


I'm glad that this community is so helpful and welcoming! I feel a lot more comfortable already now that I've introduced myself. :moogle:

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Welcome to the community dear! I know it can be a painfully frightening place to start given how huge it is. But fear not! You are not alone in the sea of possibility!


What are your characters interests? I might be able to help you break the ice in terms of getting into a few linkshells, or pointing you in the right direction fo some free companies that might suit you both.

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Thank you!


@Lamia: Mimi's a fairly shy botanist/chef/fledgling adventurer. She spends most of her time at the Canopy in Gridania, but she often goes out to gather as well. When it comes to interests, she loves baking sweets, gardening, and helping those in need (usually injured people)!

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Hello and welcome to the RPC! It can be intimidating jumping in, but it is very rewarding when you find some great people to RP with. If you are shy about reaching out and doing walk ups, you can always set up a time with people on the forum to meet up and RP.


Glad to hear that you also like spending time at the Canopy in Gridania, that is one of my favorite spots to be. Feel free to send me a tell if you see me online and are looking for someone to RP with. If I see you hanging out at the canopy I will be sure to drop by that way you don't have to feel shy about reaching out too.

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