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Linkshell/Friend-list Pruning Tip


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We all know linkshell management is a pain in the game, with 128 slots there is often a need to prune out inactive characters to cerate room.


Up until now I relied on maintaining a list (google docs) that Leaders, Individuals and trawling the Linkshell activity log, can tag the active characters each period. It is not 100% foolproof.


I recently came across this little titbit on Reddit thread that could add an extra tool in our management of LSs, and also help you prune your Friends List (for those of us with 200)


Just before maintenance if you look at someone's info from your in game list, then you can tell if they have logged on or not since last maintenance. 


Active characters will have both Job and Class levels shown





Inactive characters will have only Class levels shown




Try it for yourself.


Some things to consider

  • Check just before the next maintenance to give people a chance to have logged on
  • Lower level characters may not have yet started their Jobs
  • People can be inactive between maintenances, so you may want to check over a number of weeks

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Yep, we use this method on the RP Levelers LS. I pick a day some weeks after a scheduled maint, announce it ahead of time, and, barring emergency maint, let those without jobs displayed go. Anyone that has yet to unlock their job stone on an alt or new character can speak to me directly to ask for an exemption, but since we exist for leveling I think it's fair to ask that they see to this within a reasonable amount of time. x3


That being said, damn but I wish LS's had more functionality (like moving position in LS list, being open to more than 128 members, showing how long since they last logged in, some sort of log in notice, etc.) :/

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