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[align=center]Soliloquy stands, prim, but easy-going, gazing out over the silver waters surrounding the shade dappled Lavendar Beds. Upon entrance, it seems like a straight-forward enough tavern, but a left turn and a flight of stairs take you to the real gem the building is hiding. Down below, pieced perfectly together is Soliloquy's stage and she welcomes all who'd have her underfoot.


Lavender Beds, Subdivision 4, Southwest Aetheryte, Plot 41[/align]



Soliloquy, is a home for Eorzea's greatest entertainers. Our dream is to make our little theater a hot spot for all those out to put on, or to see, an amazing show. If you think you've got what it takes to bear the title of Eorzea's Finest, come perform for us!


Recruitment: Initial contact should be done through PMs here on the forums or through tells. We'll try and get you a linkpearl ASAP! We plan to have both in house performances and travel to other locales to entertain the masses, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, please contact us! And even if you're not a part of the shell, entertainers of all kinds are invited to perform at Soliloquy, we'd love to see your efforts.



Xenedra Ambreaus (Forum name: Xenedra)

Nathan Telluride (Forum name: Telluride)

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After a quick meeting/chat/discussion on the linkshell last night, Soliloquy is pleased to announce that we are active for the new year!


Our members will be performing at the following upcoming events:


Celebration of the Fury - Jan 17


The Story Circle - Jan 31


Look to us for the following initiatives and events for the winter and early spring:


- Do you have a sweetheart who deserves the best, and should be told so in the best way possible? Next month, Soliloquy will offer for the season just that very thing. Our bards and performers will bring flower, sweets, and customizable messages of love and caring to the object of your affections. Watch the RPC for details and packages to come.


- Are you a bard or performer that we haven't swept into our group yet, but you have the right stuff to put on a show? We are planning our first Talent Show, so that you can strut your stuff for the most discerning of all audiences: other performers!


- Patrons with gil to burn and a taste for music will be able to hire our fine bards and artistes for customized and personal songs and performances, written and choreographed just for you!


We are still eager to bring new songsmiths and word wizards into our association, and if you have a venue, or an event, consider hiring one of us for your next extravaganza. Please refer to the Linkshell information for Soliloquy, at the top of this thread, for more information and contact details.

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o/ Leilani Leilai would like to join! Mostly so she can marvel over all the other for-realsies bards and learn from them while also trying to compose songs. :>

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