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Hello everyone.


I wanted to extend out a hand to those of the roleplay community that Mateus does have a stable, be it small, Roleplay community. It is a community of friendly faces and warm smiles. Think like a small town, and you get the idea of Mateus.


Mateus is unlike some of the larger servers. It does have a small population, but in this, it means you don't have to fight to be heard or even seen. There are active hunt groups, a stable market when it comes to crafting material items (cotton cloth, iron bars, etc), and other things that are available that are scarce on larger servers.


There are currently, from what I've been able to see the past week about 2-3 Roleplay Free Companies and the Roleplayers here are very welcoming, inviting even. Open to conversations about character ideas and willing to be a shoulder to listen to creative insperations.


If you are interested in checking out Mateus and talking with a few of the roleplayers, please feel free to contact me (Lukong Drake), as I tend to be on at random hours during the day and late in the evening. You can also reach out to Khantyer Qalli, who has been on this server far longer and is one of the people who made me feel welcomed here.


Thank you all and hope to see you all soon!




Full contact list (will be updated from time to time):

* Auryn Khadus

* Orianne Silvius

* Barsz Green

* Khantyer Qalli

* Rinh Lyehga

* B'rhysla Vaelin

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WAR was a RP FC? Shit. Feel bad for bailing to Balmung now.


WAR is a RP friendly FC, they have a mix of roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike. There are a few FCs that are however fully focused on Roleplay.


Just a small bump for this community, OP is a friend of mine and while they've left Balmung I can't recommend them enough for those who want to RP on Mateus or are unable to get on Balmung. Very cool RPer, very sweet and dedicated individual.


Good luck with your project!


Thank you EliBallard! We are doing our best over here.


We actually had a really fun get together last night out over the fishing pier in the Black Shroud. We been all over the place as well.



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Roleplay is still going strong on Mateus! We just had some IC drama explode out over the beach as a Raen and Xaela crossed paths with some friends mixed in the middle.


We also have another POTD event coming up on Friday at 8PM Eastern! So, if you like to come witness the activity leading into the event, come and join us!

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The Linkshell is growing strong and we are getting more members by the day!

We even have 3 Roleplay FCs, that are gaining members!


If you like to join part of this growing community, contact those listed under the RPC & Tell A Tell linkshell info!

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We are still continuing to grow on Mateus server, as we now have up to nearly 70 members in our LS. We have 3 Free Companies now listed here on the Hydaelyn forums. Come and visit us, check us out, and help grow an RP community on vastly improving low pop server.

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I generally loathe reading 'testimonial' type posts, but feel compelled to speak up on this particular subject matter. As one of founders of the RPC and a strong advocate of Balmung's RP foundation, I want to make it crystal clear that I am in no way anti-Balmung. I believe and hope that it will prosper for a very long time. However, I also feel it has reached a 'peak' of sorts when it comes to growth. On a personal level, I also came to the realization that there was nothing more I had to offer the Balmung community. In addition, I always felt like I was swimming in too vast an ocean with Balmung. It's basically like the Chicago/New York City of the RP community in that it's overcrowded, has a high cost of living (particularly housing), and finding a parking spot is nigh impossible. Now don't get me wrong, some people love big city culture. It has its charming points for sure. I've never really liked huge cities myself and fancy myself a smaller town type of guy. Though FFXIV 1.0 was a mess of a game to start, the community itself was perfect. There were 5-10 active RP groups who all did their own thing but everyone still knew everyone else's name and could come together on a constant basis.


So I turned my attention elsewhere, looking into other servers and the potential for another vibrant RP community that would fit me more appropriately. I admit that I first passed Mateus up once I saw how much of a ghost town it was. I walked through Ul'dah without seeing a single soul (but those housing slots, wow!). I looked into other servers but wasn't too sold. I didn't feel the passion, cohesiveness, and dedication that I felt from the Mateus RPers. And that's what ultimately drew me back to give it a second chance. It's the very same type of passion and devotion that gave birth to Besaid/Balmung so many years ago. And the best part of it? It wasn't born out of some fear or hatred for Balmung, like I feel certain other RP communities were bred from. It was born simply from a yearning to make something different and add options to an otherwise predictable option pallet.


I look forward to seeing where this community goes, and being part of its growth. Ul'dah is no longer a ghost town. I see people everywhere already, though obviously to a lesser extent than Balmung. The market isn't oversaturated and can actually make you profit (as of now). There are plenty of houses of all sizes still available. But most important of all, the RP community is growing and prospering. There appears to be approximately 5-6 RP groups, the OOC community linkshell has a very active roster and is sitting at a count of over 70 (up from the like 20 or so when I first looked at it). Private/public events seem plentiful. It's a very good time to begin recognizing Mateus as a future powerhouse of the RP community. I personally believe it's on a path to easily surpass Gilgamesh as a secondary RP server before long.


In addition to the above, I also am of the opinion that servers will soon be a thing of the past anyway (though I could be mistaken...). SE has already implemented cross world blacklist and party finder, and has expressed their desire to implement cross world friend lists, tells, linkshells, and free companies. Think about that for a moment. Cross world linkshells/free companies. I'm surprised at how little attention people have given this announcement. It's basically one step away from the 'mega server' concept. The only thing that's lacking at that point would be cross-server markets and actual sharing zones with cross-server people, technology that technically already exists and can probably be implemented via instancing/zoning (Ul'dah 1, Ul'dah 2, etc like seen in some other MMOs). Given this gradual trend toward cross-server play, it's only logical to expand the RP community's horizons in the world of Hydaelyn and reap the benefits of smaller servers before this all becomes reality (if it indeed does), while setting up a strong foundation for the overall RP community at large a the same time.


Again, looking forward to seeing where this goes and how it'll benefit the RP community at large in the long run. Cheers to the rising star/underdog, Mateus~

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It's great to see you guys growing ^-^ Maybe in the near future I'll get the chance to be on the server with everyone. Till then though I'll keep helping nudge this up. :3


Thank you! As Kylin wrote above, we are growing strong and we keep growing. And we do have all types of events. Some serious rp events, other more silly, zany stuff. We are all here to have fun and that is what we continue to promote with everyone. 8-)


Have fun, be ooc drama free (best we can), and tell our stories as one big ol' community.


I do hope you get to join us soon, Rose. Really looking forward to having you back with us!

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