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Back Again


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I was trying to figure out what happened around the same time as my last post on this forum, and why my commission progress ground to a halt. Then I looked at the date of my last post and realized that during that very same week, my boyfriend proposed to me (which was very much a surprise) and I forgot about just about everything else I was doing at the time, including FFXIV.


Now I'm counting down the last couple of months leading up to my wedding and am blowing off wedding planning stress with some good ole' fashion MMO grinding and roleplay. I've since switched my main over to Faerie so I can raid with some real world friends, but I've left my legacy Miqot'e on Balmung. Now I'm just working on developing her backstory and leveling her up.


Hope to see some of you in game!


EDIT: Forgot to mention that I used to RP in SWTOR and GW2 prior to FFXIV. I played XI and loved it, and was fortunate enough to be in the Alpha and Beta tests of ARR.

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