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Recently returned to Balmung, and I'd enjoy roleplaying again!

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I've just achieved getting a Bard on the Balmung server, and I'd love to find some people to RP with. I posted here back in March, but some personal stuff came up and I couldn't afford to continue paying the subscription, but everything is going great now, and I'd be incredibly interested to find partners! Feel free to sned me a PM here, post in this thread, or send me some mail/friend request in game (Adodak Silversong)


A small bit about my character:


Adodak Silversong; Hyur; Full of himself; Overconfident; Goofball; His heart is in the right place.


I don't want to give too much away, and would rather develop him more over the course of role playing! Finding a FC wouldn't be terrible, either (though I'll post elsewhere for that). Hopefully I hear from some of you soon! Now then, back to Eorzea!

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Always willing to run into someone through travels or by whatever means. See if anything clicks sorta thing. Plus, I love overconfident twats. I'm also one that likes to discover through RP, so... *thumbs-up*


Welcome back to Balmung! It missed you~

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Tsubaki's a bard who's rather different from yours. She's actually been studying music for years and is great at singing and playing the harp. Her shyness gets in the way and the fact she's no good at coming up with her own material kills her confidence in her skill.


Unfortunately, I'm a late night RPer so if you're actually interested in Tsubaki it would probably have to happen over PMs or through Discord/Skype.

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