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At Long Last , Here I am .


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Hi there Im new obviously. Ive been wanting to play this game since it first came out , and i bought it and a new pc long ago only to discover the pc couldn't run it, and the to discover the pc had no way to upgrade ...well obviously that hurt alot , then the game got scrapped remade, and my boyfriend just ordered a new gaming computer shipping soon...so now at long last I will be able to play. I'm very excited to join a RP server as a Miqote (I played a mirthra as a teen in the old one) So I guess Im just looking for a good family or connections to write my character around . I have a week or two to plan this might as well get the head start right? 

:chocobo: <--- Omg thats so cute <3

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hello and welcome to the RPC! If you are still developing your background and your character you may want to write up a making connections post about what you are looking for and what style you enjoy.


If you have any questions or are looking for RP, feel free to send me a tell.

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