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My first character

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Been poking around here lately and was advised to come out here for advice. Looking for critisism but please keep in mind, i am a fresh player; only been playing a week. so please go easy on me! >w<


Using this detailed sheet i came across in the threads



Character name: Uzali Uyagir


Origin of Nickname:

Birthdate: 20th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon

Place of Birth: (not sure where i should say. She's an Au Ra Xaela)

Ethnicity: Au RA

Religion: Non-religious


Height: 6" 3'

Weight: Slim.

Body type: Fit. Toned but not overly muscular.

Eye color: Red

Glasses or Vision Enhancements:

Skin tone (pale, tan, olive, brown, etc): Dark blue

Face shape: (round, square, oval, chubby, heart-shaped): 

Prominent features:

Tattoos or distinguishing marks: Scar on left eye.

Casting choice (what actor do they resemble?):


General health:

Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses: None.


Fashion and style (what do they wear, how do they wear it?): (havent been able to decide on an outfit.

Special jewelry: None.

Hair color: Blue

Hairstyle: Smooth and long.

Grooming: Brushed and washed regularly.


Additional information:




Languages spoken: Common and native language.

Accent or dialect: No outstanding accent.

Vocabulary/reading level: Educated.

Voice tone: Mature.

Favorite phrases: "Call a pebble a boulder long enough, and it will believe."

Do they curse: Yes, freely.

Demeanor: Blunt and to the point, but caring and sociable.

Mannerisms: Usually very calm and mature.


Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.):

Posture: Strong, straight posture.



Current occupation: Traveler, Blacksmith/armorer.

Level of job satisfaction: High.

Years at current occupation:


Professional skills:

Combat skills: Years of honed endurance and physical strength.



Marital status: Single

Significant partner(s): None

How did they meet partner:

Nickname for partner:

Previous romantic partners:


Children: None

Relationship with children:



How does the character relate to:



Past lovers/spouses:


Friends: Respectful and friendly.

Employer: Professional and to the point.



Pets: Gentle and caring.


Opposite sex: Flirtatious.

Same sex:

Family members:



Enemies: Threatening and aggressive


Additional information:





What do they love: Bellows of the furnace, battle, romance.

What is their passion: Furthering her skills.

What do they hate: Sitting around doing nothing for long periods of time.

What would they die for: To leave her mark and ensure a better place.

What do they value: Reliability

Secret loves: Sweets.

Sexual behavior: promiscuous


Personal philosophies: Actions speak more than words.





Greatest strength: Physical strength and combat ability.

Greatest weakness or flaw: Easily won over by offer of sweets.


How are they perceived by others: Probably rather crude.


Proudest accomplishment: Yet to come.

Other accomplishments:

Biggest regret:

Most embarrassing moment:

Personality quirks: Has an inside joke of her 'being a descendant of dragons'.

Would they like to change anything about themselves:


Short term or long term goals: To continue traveling, fighting, and smithing.

Obstacles: It gets lonely sometimes.


Likes or dislikes: Enjoys sex, drink, sweets, and casual conversation.





Hometown: (not sure on specifics. Just a small village.


Past relationships: None

First love: None

First sexual experience: A drunk night in company of good comrades. Doesn't regret.


Major childhood events: Constantly asked again and again by the non-Au Ra children of her home if she was a dragon. To the point she made it her little quirk and personal motivation.

Best memory: Her first blade.

Worst memory: The isolation of her childhood.

Saddest memory:

Quality of childhood: Average.


Educational experience/level: Normal.

Significant school experiences: None.

Special skills or training: Self trained fighter and smith.

Anything un-skilled, needs work:

Hobbies: Drinking and sex. Fighting and smithing.


Police record/criminal record: None



Morning routine: Clean, groom, bathe if available.

Afternoon routine: Training.

Evening routine: Continued training or, as permit able, the pub.

Sleep habits: Not picky.


Additional information:



Uzali grew up in a small village. One of the only Au Ra she had little in common with other children her age. Most who had been uneducated on the matter thought she was a dragon, either taking awe or viewing her as a beast. After years of this she decided for it to be her goal. If she was to be thought of as a dragon, she would become as strong as one.

After coming of age she set out for Limsa Lominsa to learn the basics of armoring and smithing before taking her ax out for training. She made her income with small jobs, both extermination and crafting orders, and simply owned a room at the resident inn. Due to her mostly lonely childhood she didn't interact much with others, apart from the occasional job involving others of her interests, be they smiths or mercenaries. In these cases she may stick with them for a small time, perhaps share a drink.

While strong already, every day is a new day to train for her. You never knew what the next day might bring after all.

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As far as where she was raised, I believe most Au Ra were around Doma/Orthad areas. ((Not sure if spelled correctly))


Also, the 2nd thing would be her last name. Xaela, like Miqo'te have a naming convention most follow. Attached is what those names could be. Also, even SE says themselves, there are countless other tribes out there who are not named, so maybe she could be one of those.




Other then that, I myself don't see much wrong with your concept. Although if she was raised in Doma/Orthad, Au Ra would of been a highly common race, so the fear of them being related to dragons would of been almost minimal.

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Well you still habe two options so never fear!


You could always just say that when she came to Eorzea, she changed her last name to better fit in with the local population.


So you could always choose one of the better known tribes for her to be from, but then still keep your character name.


So for instance, someone asks you your name and she can reply "Uzali Uyagir" and then when they mention that's an unusual name she can reply "I'm originally from the Dotharl tribe, but I wanted to better fit into Eorzean culture" and presto, problem solved.


The second option is, just make her from a smaller, less well known tribe aand use her last name is the name of the tribe.


And there is a 3rd option, and that is just ignore me entirely and have that be her name *just because* but being a fairly new RPer in ffxiv, it may be best to have at least some explanation for the character name:thumbsup:

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Yeah, i didn't know about the clans thing, i thought it was literally just the 2 you pick in game.

However i think i'll just go with the smaller, unknown clan idea. more flexibility for me.

But since i've been thinking about it, any advice with a Lalafell female? i believe she's a plainsfolk.

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Lalafell naming conventions are probably my favorite in the game. They follow a rhyme structure, with each clan/gender having a different rhyming scheme. You can find Lalafell naming conventions here: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/61151-Lalafell-Naming-Conventions


Strangely enough, Square Enix has very detailed naming conventions for every race, and they're all easily accessible. Googling "(race) naming conventions" has worked pretty well for me whenever I need to figure that out.

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Well for names i did stick with the name genorator online or in game when i made my characters. Jisasa Jisa fit the bill you think?

And i meant like, culture wise if anything. any pointers anyone might have? i'm planning her on being an archer.


Yup, that works! As for culture, I'm afraid that's outside my limited field of expertise.

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Okay i just have no friggen clue where to ask this and the crappy forum won't let me post a thread and it's making me want to strangle myself.

How the hell do i tank as a marauder? i can't flash and keep losing aggro :(

(not rp i know but i literally can't find a place to ask and no one online will help me...)

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Place of Birth: (not sure where i should say. She's an Au Ra Xaela)



Uzali grew up in a small village. One of the only Au Ra she had little in common with other children her age. Most who had been uneducated on the matter thought she was a dragon, either taking awe or viewing her as a beast. After years of this she decided for it to be her goal. If she was to be thought of as a dragon, she would become as strong as one.

After coming of age she set out for Limsa Lominsa to learn the basics of armoring and smithing before taking her ax out for training.


Au Ra are recent immigrants to Eorzea. They originate and are most commonly found on the Far Eastern continent of Othard. The majority of the Xaela tribes are found in Othard's Azim Steppe, the western region of the continent. Other tribes make their homes in Othard's north and northeastern mountains, the southern deserts, the eastern islands where a small number interact with the other races who live there, and the central One River which stretches the length of Othard and empties into the fertile lands of the Yanxia region where the Raen Au Ra make their home.


Othard was invaded some fifty years ago in 1528 by the Garlean Empire and all resistance in the continent was completely crushed by the Year 1552. For twenty-five years the continent has been under Imperial control. This prompted some Xaela to leave the continent around this time and another wave would follow in the past year after the War of Succession saw the rebellious city-state Doma razed to the ground and its citizens (mostly Hyur and Raen) flee en mass as refugees. Many of the Xaela would follow suite.


Of Othard's four known city-states, only two remain in the present day and have been fully annexed by the Empire.

Doma is situated in the southeast in the coastal region known as Yanxia, which is immediately east of the One River. It is home to Hyur and the Raen Au Ra. Hingashi, a nation which sits on a group of islands to the east of Doma in a sea known as the Ruby Tide is also home to the Raen and Hyur, as well as Lalafell and some Xaela. To the northwest near the one river sits the remains of Bozja, a once booming trade capital of the Far East until it was obliterated in the Year 1562. And finally, in an unknown area of Othard lies Rabanastre. Little is known of this last city state, only that it is home to multiple Hyuran clans and likely lies in the continent's southern desert region.


One last thing I wanted to mention. Because Othard is the homeland of the Au Ra, it would seem very odd that a Far Easterner would not immediately know what a Xaela is. In such a case, it'd be more likely that your character's parents or tribe members fled to Eorzea when the Garlean Empire (unsure of when your character was born) either first invaded or after the continent fell completely to Imperial control to Limsa Lominsa, a seafaring nation which has traded extensively with the Far East for several decades. Au Ra are incredibly uncommon in Eorzea and though Limsa Lominsa is the most open-minded of Eorzea's nations, your character would get more than their fair share of odd looks and rumors as Au Ra are a rare sight even in this maritime hub.


These links might also be helpful for you:


-Race Lore Compilation (Au Ra Tab)

-Xaela Tribe List

-Traditional Xaela Roleplay Tips




Yeah, i didn't know about the clans thing, i thought it was literally just the 2 you pick in game.

However i think i'll just go with the smaller, unknown clan idea. more flexibility for me.


There are multiple "Clans" of Au Ra (at least three that we know of) but only two - Raen and Xaela - are playable. The Xaela, one of those two clans, has at least fifty-one distinct "Tribes" that we know of with their own varying backgrounds. Like what was said above, the fifty-one we know of do not include those who've been wiped out, merged into other tribes, or have simply not been discovered. So it's entirely possible to have a smaller, unknown tribe of Au Ra as part of your backstory.




And i meant like, culture wise if anything. any pointers anyone might have? i'm planning her on being an archer.


The Plainsfolk Lalafell originally hail from the islands of the south seas. They're primarily an agricultural race but are also quite adept at maritime trades and fishing. They first came to Eorzea (during this era) from the southern islands several centuries ago following a massive boom in maritime trade thanks to Limsa Lominsa opening trade routes with lands far across the seas. Lalafell themselves have spread out across much of Eorzea and there are many Plainsfolk who can be found now in Gridania as well.


This link should give you more lore on the races and their histories and interactions. I've also included a lore tab on Archers in Gridania:

-Race Lore Compilation (Lalafell tab)


Archery as practiced in Gridania was born of two distinct styles of bowmanship. The first was devised by the longbow sentries of the Elezen who once ruled the lowlands' date=' while the second belonged to the shortbow hunters of the formerly nomadic Miqo'te. As you will doubtless be aware, both races ultimately came to call the Twelveswood home. Though the two peoples began as rivals, they gradually learned to live together in harmony. During this time, they learned from one another, their two schools of archery intermingling to give birth to the art as it is known today. For a time, the bow was used primarily for hunting. But as the hunters vied with one another to prove who was the better shot, there emerged a group of archers whose ultimate goal lay not in the practical pursuit of prey, but in perfection. Thus was the Archers' Guild born from the ranks of the Trappers' League.[/quote']


The enduring popularity of the bow is a testament to its elegant design, but this simple weapon would be of little worth without the surpassing skill of those who master it - the archers. Projectile techniques such as high-angle fire enable archers to assail their foes with deadly precision even at great distances.


Constant assessment of the battlefield enables them to carefully determine the most advantageous ground from which to loose, as well as the nature of the arrows best suited to their enemy. Together with the longbow sentries of the Elezen military, the shortbow hunters among the Miqo'te are widely regarded as most skilled with the bow. The guild's teachings cover a variety of projectile weapons, down to the simplest throwing rock.


As you cannot have failed to notice' date=' the Twelveswood is blessed with an abundance of life, and we Gridanians have long hunted the forest's creatures for both nourishment and clothing. But Gridania is unlike any other place. The elementals that watch over the Twelveswood have never looked kindly on the taking of life, and those who flout their governance do so at their own peril. The elementals decreed that life not be taken without due necessity. And so the Trappers' League was formed to regulate the hunting of animals. The Leatherworkers' Guild was subsequently founded to manage the fair and equitable distribution of pelts. Nowadays, adventurers are a major supplier of pelts, and leather goods have become widespread. But in times past, they were rare and precious. The Leatherworkers' Guild has not forgotten those times. We treat leather with no less respect than the living creatures whence it comes, and craft goods of the highest quality. In so doing, we honor the lives lost, and minimize the need for further killing─an oft-forgotten benefit of our products' surpassing durability.[/quote']


To ensure no man is too greedy in his take' date=' hunters who pursue game in the woods must abide by the regulations of the Trappers’ League. The League also works to combat poachers, whose actions risk upsetting the natural balance of the forest.[/quote']


The Archers’ Guild began life within the Trappers’ League, a body existing to promote brotherhood amongst hunters. From its advent, the League decided where and when game could be taken in an effort to maintain peace with the elementals. In time, the hunters took to friendly competitions in bowmanship, and eventually a group split away to devote themselves to their weapon of choice. These were the founders of the Archers’ Guild.


Gridanian archery itself emerged from a history of strife betwixt two traditions: techniques of the longbow, beloved of the Elezen, and of the shortbows, developed by Miqo’te hunters. The Elezen sought to defend the forest, and clashed mightily with the Miqo’te, who poached its creatures for their meat. The two ultimately reached an accord, and merged their archery techniques into a unique style not found anywhere else in the realm.


Compared to the Wailers, the Quivermen have a short history. Established in 1363, the Gods' Quiver were a response to the Ixali attack a year earlier - a means of ensuring the Shroud never again be caught unprepared for foreign attack. Presently, the force consists of twelve units, with exactly one hundred fifty men apiece, and their ranks are filled primarily with archers. They are Gridania's eyes, watching for any trace of outside incursion from the watchspires throughout the Black Shroud. Most often, this threat comes in the form of Ixal, and Quivermen train long and hard to repel the beastmen raiders and their war balloons.


Unlike the Wood Wailers, men and women of the Gods' Quiver do not remain stationed forever in a single garrison. Instead, they rotate between posts, to learn the terrain and thereby ready themselves to challenge foes anywhere in the Twelveswood.






How the hell do i tank as a marauder? i can't flash and keep losing aggro :(


This post should be helpful!


The first step to keeping aggro as a Warrior is to not use Flash, especially at lower levels. Some people find it helpful to conserve TP, but Flash generates far less enmity than Overpower and takes longer to recast because it's on a Spell GCD, so you're hurting your enmity generation more than you're helping it.


To get and maintain enmity on Marauder/Warrior, aggro a group of enemies and pull them so they group up. Back up to max attack range and lay into them with an Overpower or two. At this point, begin rotating Heavy Swing > Skull Sunder > Heavy Swing > Maim > Heavy Swing > Skull Sunder back and forth across all targeted enemies. Skull Sunder generates more enmity against a single target and costs less TP. Put more effort into holding the enemy who's HP is going down the fastest, but also be sure to give the other targets some love too. Throw in another Overpower after Maim if you feel like you need it.


Overpower is used to maintain enmity against steadily rising hate from healer spells and abilities. Overpower won't keep up with a focused DPS attacking a single target. You need single target enmity for that. And by the time you hit 30 and get Warrior you'll have Butcher's Block, which pretty much solidifies single target hate.

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To add to the question about tanking. You will get a tank stance at 30 as well what will help you greatly. Lower level tanking is a bit of a headache at times, but once you get your tank stance, unless you got super overgeared and undersynced people in your dungeon group, holding agro will be a breeze!

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Can i get some input on a Lalafell character?


Character name: Jisasa Jisa

Nickname: None

Origin of Nickname: None

Birthdate: 20th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon. She is 22.

Place of Birth: Gridania

Ethnicity: Plainsfolk

Religion: None


Height: 34.2 inches

Weight: Average

Body type:

Eye color: Blue

Glasses or Vision Enhancements:

Skin tone (pale, tan, olive, brown, etc): Light

Face shape: (round, square, oval, chubby, heart-shaped): Round

Prominent features: None

Tattoos or distinguishing marks:

Casting choice (what actor do they resemble?):


General health: Healthy

Disabilities, illnesses, or weaknesses:


Fashion and style (what do they wear, how do they wear it?):

Special jewelry: Her mother’s silver earrings.

Hair color: Green with white highlights

Hairstyle: Tied in two tails.

Grooming: Well groomed.


Additional information: Usually seen brushing her hair when not doing anything, paranoid of leave and twigs getting caught in it.




Languages spoken: Common and Native.

Accent or dialect: None

Vocabulary/reading level: High.

Voice tone: Light.

Favorite phrases: Being small has so many issues!

Do they curse: Yes.

Demeanor: Happy and cheerful.

Mannerisms: Kind and understand, a curious individual open to learning new things.



Habitual behaviors (nail-biting, drumming fingers, hair fixing, etc.): Constantly brushes or runs fingers through hair.

Posture: Timid, especially around larger individuals like Roegadyn.



Current occupation: Hunter.

Level of job satisfaction: Acceptable.

Years at current occupation: 6.

Income: Average.

Professional skills: Knowledge of farming and crop raising.

Combat skills: Knowledge of tracking and hunting.


Additional information:




Place of residence: Gridania.

Type of residence: Inn

Who do they live with: No one.

Pets: None

Overall quality of living conditions: Average.

Home décor: None.

Important features of home: None.




Marital status: Single.

Significant partner(s): None.

How did they meet partner: N/A

Nickname for partner: None.

Previous romantic partners: None.


Children: None.

Relationship with children:




Important family:

Mother: Nayiyi Nayi

Age: 47

Living or deceased: Living.

Mother’s occupation: Farmer.


Father: Ehu Yuhu

Age: 48

Living or deceased: Living

Father’s occupation: Hunter.


Siblings: None.

Describe the quality of relationship with any significant family members: Loving and caring.


Extended family:


Friends: None so far.

Best Friend:

Describe relationship with friend(s):


Additional information:


How does the character relate to:





Past lovers/spouses:



Friends: Warmly and friendly.

Employer: Professional.







Strangers: Kind.

Opposite sex:

Same sex:

Family members: Loving.



Authority: Respectful.




Additional information:




What do they love: The earthy smell of the land.

What is their passion: Hunting.

What do they hate: Any animal larger than her.

What would they die for: Her family and friends.

What do they value: Loyalty and friendship.

Secret loves: None.

Sexual behavior: None.


Personal philosophies: None.

Politics: None.

Spirituality: None.

Prejudices: Timid around Roegadyn due to their size.


Greatest strength: Tracking.

Greatest weakness or flaw: Still practicing the way of hunting.


Their favorite attribute: Her poetry.

Least favorite attribute: Her size.


Biggest secret: Is away from home looking for a suitable husband.

Biggest fear: Being eaten.


Most likeable trait: Perky and happy in almost any circumstance once she gets to know you.

Least likeable trait:

How are they perceived by others: Innocent.


Proudest accomplishment: Shot a raven out of the sky when it made off with her earrings.

Other accomplishments: None.

Biggest regret: Leaving home.

Most embarrassing moment: Almost shot her father’s foot when learning to wield a bow.

Personality quirks: None major.

Would they like to change anything about themselves: Her height.


Short term or long term goals: Short term, to improve her hunting skills. Long term, to find a husband.

Obstacles: Has not been away from home for long. New to the adventuring lifestyle.


Heroes or role models:

Negative role models:

Biggest life influence: Father and mother.


Likes or dislikes: Likes Poetry, song, and chocolate. Dislikes animals larger than her.

Favorite book, movie, music, etc:


Additional information:





Hometown: A small farmstead on the border of Gridania.


Past relationships: None.

First love: None.

First sexual experience: Virgin.


Major childhood events: Taught to work the fields since she was 6, learned to hunt at the age of 16.

Best memory: Her first crop harvest.

Worst memory: Bad harvest over the winter.

Saddest memory:

Quality of childhood: Good.


Educational experience/level: Home schooled by a learned mother.

Significant school experiences: None.

Special skills or training: Hunting and farming.

Anything un-skilled, needs work: Works to perfect her hunting skills.

Hobbies: writing poetry.


Major illnesses, accidents or traumas: A monster attack when she was training alone.


Police record/criminal record: none.



Morning routine: Stretch, breakfast, and an hour of archery practice.

Afternoon routine: Searching for a partner, hunting, taking jobs for income.

Evening routine: Resting, writing poetry, drinking at the bar.

Sleep habits: Tucked away in a hidden spot if at camp, curled up in sheets if at room.


Additional information:




Jisasa grew up an only child with her mother and father at their farmstead on the Gridanian border. Since she turned 6 her mother schooled her and trained her how to work the fields. To care for livestock, the soil, properly harvesting plants and crops. When she turned 16 her father took her to his training range to being her hunting practice.

Her family has had a long tradition since their roots in theSouthern Isles. The women practiced exceptional horticulture that they passed down to their daughters, and the men hunting that they passed down to their sons. However as Jisasa was an only child, she was tasked with learning both sides of the family traditions, which has happened before.

Taking an further interest in hunting and archery than shedid farming, despite the skill difference, she spent much of her practice time deeper in the forest, hunting birds and rabbits and the like for supper and trade. However one day she was practicing on a tree trunk and found herself suddenly ambushed by a large monster she tries not to remember. It was only thanks to a passing, veteran adventurer she escaped with her life. Since then she has stuck on hinting smaller beasts and learning to avoid the giants, a right proper fear distilled in her.

At present, 22 years old, Jisasa left her home to findherself a suitable husband to continue the family line. Catching a carriage to the capital, she awaits the adventures that awaited her.

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