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Tattoo aritst/ body piercer seeking clients, contacts & long term RP partners!

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Hello everyone o/.


Quick intro: I'm relatively new to FF, but have been RPing for 12 years through various other MMOs, especially World of Warcraft. Just following the trail of breadcrumbs in search of fellow RPers to connect with in game. I'm still making my way through the main quest line, so my lore knowledge isn't 100% yet, but I'm making a solid effort to do my homework.


About the character: Riley is a curious, energetic, free spirited Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun). Aspiring painter turned tattoo artist with an open mind who wanders around the world in search of artistic inspiration through sight seeing and harvesting a diverse cultural experience. She rebels against labels/ stereotypes, and will socialize with anyone from criminal groups to wealthy nobles. She began acquiring her own collection of tattoos and piercings as both a form of self expression, and using the physical pain aspect to heal/ cope with past emotional wounds. Now she's seeking to pay it forward while following the dream of making a living as an artist with a reputation for the best tattoos in Eorzea. (More to come in character history/ wiki when I get around to it. Visual references of her own ink will be added).


What I'm looking for:


-Clients! Characters looking to get inked or pierced. Riley will usually post a flyer on the city market boards advertising tattoos/ body piercing along with her contact info (Linkpearl) for appointments. My personal goal is to offer a very detailed experience that's as close to the real thing as possible.


-Merchants/ alchemists/ goldsmiths! Crafters who can make ink pigments and body jewelry for wholesale purchase, and hopefully become long term business partners.


-Traveling companions! As stated, I'm still a bean sprout and am currently trying to complete the sight seeing log without cheating and googling the locations. I'd like to turn this into a possible IC story line with Riley herself attempting to complete the log with the help of fellow travelers and get to know them along the way!


-Drinking buddies/ long term friends! When Riley travels, she likes to stop at the local taverns and find interesting people to talk with. She enjoys musing over deep philosophical topics, but is also open to silly/ flirtatious fun. Open to romantic interests as well, but would prefer those to be fleshed out through story. (Spoiler alert: Riley digs the ladies).


Even if none of the above fits your character, but you'd still like to RP, please feel free to message me on here or in game. Picture reference below!



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A nice concept you have here! I'm sure Kanako could be a potential client or simply someone to talk to every now and again. She fairly easy to get along with and enjoys a good drink or two. If you want more in-depth details for her, check out the link in my signature for her wiki page. If you're interested, feel free to send a PM and we can work out details. ^_^

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Awesome concept! My main is an alchemist so she is able to produce ink and also reduce/remove tattoos for those regretful moments, so they could end up as business partners if you want! I may have to have one of my alts end up being dared into getting a piercing for funsies as well.

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Deahfel would be interested in being a client and/or friends with Riley. She is easy to get along with and does spend time out in the field travelling when she is not overseeing her Protector duties. She also enjoys art and can spend hours just looking at pretty stained glass, which is her favorite, I think the two of them could find art as common ground. I do like to do social/slice of life RP with her as well so they could easily visit some taverns if they end up hitting it off.


As far as being a client goes: She made a promise to herself a long time ago that she holds to this day as a response to a tragedy when she was young. She would likely want something to symbolize the oath she upholds and lives by. That would be something she would want to discuss in character and get Riley's artistic input on how to best implement that.

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I'm wise to your ways, paladin. 




Well, aside from the obvious connection to both criminal and tavern with the Mischief's Coven...


Kasi likely isn't going to be a big client since she's more of a face-paint Keeper, but as a mercenary, trader, cook, and now bartender, she could run into Riley along the road for trade and business, just as often as she could be a drinking buddy. I'd imagine the two of them would get along pretty well with banter over a few drinks.


Of course, if you meet both Kasi and Deahfel, you'll probably get caught in the middle of that conflict as an added bonus, and might even play an unwitting role!

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While not looking to get inked (Though that might be fun to do in the future who knows) I'd totally dig going on an adventure traveling around the place. My character has a good reason to go wandering off right now so this would work. Give me a prod in game, Aysa Farland, or on Discord, Aysa#4019 if you're interested. You can find info on Aysa on the wiki.

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