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Popoto greets and seeks help.


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Hi guys! I'm fairly new to Balmung. (Only started two months ago) and I decided to make an account here after all of that lurking, loitering and being mysterious.


I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask, if anybody could answer either of these for me I would greatly appreciate it!


1. Are there any Linkshells or Free Companies that revolve around the Arrzaneth Ossuary or the Order of Nald'thal on Balmung?


2. Do you log into the RPC Library using this forum account? I seem to be unable to do so! It says that my username doesn't exist and I'm now having an existential crisis.- (Solved! Thank you. It was the underscore in my name.)



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The library and the site use the same login, there is no new accounts to be made unless you do it here in the forums. I think the problems you're having might be due to the underscore in your username since I've seen in the past certain symbols just don't work with it.

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How do I log in to the Wiki?

Logging in is the very first step of creating a wiki, simply click the 'log in' button on the top right corner and use your RPC credentials to access the site. You can still look over the wiki without logging in, but you will not be able to create or edit anything! If you have any issues logging in, please contact an admin on the RPC.



I had a feeling the underscore might have been the problem!


Thank you for the quick responses. I shall have a good ol' tinkeroo around and see if that works. I'll post here if I still have any problems specific to the RPC Library.


Though, I'm still interested to hear about any other Nald'thal(ians?)!

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Though, I'm still interested to hear about any other Nald'thal(ians?)!


The only person connected to the Order I can think of off the top of my head is McBeef, but I'm unsure to what extent. They have set up a nice Archival of Order Documents, so maybe try to get into contact with them and see where that can go!


If you need any extra lore or info on the ins and outs of the Order, I've set up a lore post on the Order of Nald'thal here.

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