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New server or old server for new player?

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Hello all,

Ive been a die hard FF fan for 20 years. I have not played 1.0 but have decided to play 2.0. One thing that I am afraid of that caused me to stop played many other MMOs is dead servers. It is supposed to be an mmo after all and I dont want to join a 1.0 server only to play a new character by myself. It will not be any fun and will ruin the game for me. I obviously want a RP server, but not at the expense of soloing the whole game. So if anyone can attest to 1.0 servers low level popultaion I would be most appreciative. So please give your opinions on what I should pick?

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Well, if you come to Balmung you'll be on a populated server with RPers (it is the unofficial RP server). If they name an official RP server, I can only speculate what the population will be like.. It depends on how the transfers will work as well. I honestly wouldn't worry about server population just yet!

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I believe (not sure) that the majority of the players that were on Balamung at the end of 1.0 had been with the game long enough by then that most had mid-high lvl ranging characters, if that is what you're asking. A large portion of us on the forums never got to play 1.0, so there will be a ton of us to start the game fresh with you.

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Not to mention a few people will likely reroll to join the RP community and/or start fresh in the new world! 


I'm one of those people! Though I did only get to the early 40's on my highest, so my commitment to my older characters isn't as high.


Whether on Balmung or an 'official' RP server, I'm sure with the release of ARR the lowbie population will be fine for finding groups and socialising. Most people are viewing this as a new MMO launch, so it should bring in a lot of lowbies at first! :)

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Not to mention, most of us also do lots of other stuff in the game that doesn't pertain to RP, such as leveling OOC (or IC) jobs for our characters. These all start at level 1, unless they've been played around with before, and new jobs have been promised in the future. So there definitely will be the opportunity for you to play with people and go through leveling, even if someone is legacy and has a level 50 character.


Like me! I'm writing it out that my character injured his arm as a Warrior during the Battle of Carteneau and no longer can properly swing his axe. Due to this, I'm going to take up Pugilist/Monk, as a form of almost... physical therapy/training I guess. Never touched the job before so it's going to be a climb from 1 to 50!

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Me and many other people had a chance to ask questions to

Naoki Yoshida himself, the new producer of FF XIV. I'm not

allowed to speak of when/how I learned this, but when

I asked him if there would be any RP servers, his reply was:

"I keep thinking (about) RP servers."

He was very busy at that time and didn't address this issue further.



He's at least considering the possibility of an RP server.

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Well, if you come to Balmung you'll be on a populated server with RPers (it is the unofficial RP server). If they name an official RP server, I can only speculate what the population will be like.. 


This is a really good point. In my experience as an MMO gamer (10 years, countless games. though my RP experience is severely limited), I've noticed that servers titled as official RP servers usually have a pretty low population, as most gamers today seem to only be interested in the actual on-the-surface gameplay for most MMOs, and RP is seen as a lame taboo by most of the college-aged frat kid closet-nerds who subscribe to MMOs (sad, but true in my experience. those guys suck, you guys are awesome though.)


As for me, I will be playing on Balmung, but possibly a month or so later than the rest of you. I will be playing ARR from launch, but I'll probably be playing with some RL friends (...who are actually pretty similar to the typical gamer i described in the last paragraph, now that i think about it...) until they inevitably get burned out after a few weeks to a month (their strategy is grinding to top level in a matter of days, getting bored because new games dont have years of end-game content yet, and quitting.) hopefully server transfers will be a thing. If they aren't, or if my friends continue to play, I'm just going to make a second A'sili Abarskyf on Balmung anyway. I've only been part of this community for a few days, but from the friendliness i've seen in the forums and the creativity i've seen on the wiki, it's definitely something i'd like to be a part of.

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Im hoping that the server lineup will either be the same or that those of us with prior accounts will get complimentary transfer if we so choose.

I just hate losing the stuff I horded lol but would like to stick to the server where many of the community members here will be as there is just a nice vibe/atmosphere here

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