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Obligatory "I'm new" post


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Well, I'm not necessarily "new" (I made a thread in this section a little over a year ago), but I am starting up with Final Fantasy XIV again, this time with a subscription (and not the free month), as I've found that despite not having designated "RP servers" like Warcraft, Square is far better to their RP community than Blizzard has been in the past year. 


Unnecessary reasoning aside, I've been playing for about a month, now, and have caught up on the main quest, and so I'm looking forward to start RPing when I've finished figuring out my character (hopefully soon).

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Welcome to Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition! I'm glad you decided to subscribe to the game as well. I've found that Square Enix never seems to disappoint and when it does it readily owns up to its failings I think that makes it the company it is. You'll find a lot of great sections here on this site too that will help jog some idea's for you as far as Character Development goes and on little perk is our Linkshell and Free Company area's on the site which you may find a home of like minded individuals.


Whatever your path, Best of Wishes!

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