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Hi there! I'm new to the FF14 roleplay scene on Balmung. I've roleplayed in other online games like WoW and Wildstar and I've made a wiki page for my character, but I'm still looking for some tips and advice to get started. Any help would be great, thanks in advance!

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Welcome to Balmung and RP-R-Us


I would start by just following the MSQ (main story quest) and your Class quest lines. From this you will get a feel for the setting, and get the things that help progress in game (like your mount). Don't worry so much about side quests as you will also be leveling other classes on this character and you can pick them up with those.


Also note that

  • Free Company (FC) = Guild
  • Link Shell (LS) = Chat Channel (you can have up to 8 LS)

RP wise this will also unlock the transport and access to the other main cities and get you some clothing to mix and match. 


At about level 15 you should head to Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan with some orange juice and unlock the ability to dye your gear.


As for finding RP:

  • Have at least a rough outline of your character and check on the web sources the basics of lore, and I would keep it simple to start with and base it on something basic rather than a specific class
  • Keep your eyes open as you can find it anyplace, especialy those with an RP status set or even any FC name that ends in "-RP>>". Check the character's search info for more clues as many will say "Walk-ups welcome".
  • Join some of the many IC/OOC link shells to tap into the community, many of these also have a Discord channel too for more spammy stuff
  • Check out the FCs to find one that would suit, this is a great way to get into RP
  • Do go to events

Basically put yourself out there, engage with others and expect a hit & miss experience.

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As someone who was new to RP I just recently, this week, took my first forays into the whole thing. Once you have your general outline for your character I recommend taking them to some public events. There are a whole slew of them listed and you will stumble upon all sorts of people that you can talk to and sorta refine your character down.


From there on you can consider hunting for a good free company that fits your character or a linkshell.

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC and to FFXIV! :thumbsup:


Think everyone else hit the high points, but I will also mention that branching out into the community is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Don't be afraid to get around and meet a wide array of folks!

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Ayyy welcome!


Nebbs post is fantastic! If you're looking for even more opportunities, I'd also suggest looking at the FFXIV Balmung Event tumblr, it puts out updates every week with routine tavern nights and other such events that might not appear on the forum calendar.


But other than that, yes! Level up enough to get places/dye your gear, then keep your eyes open.


Good luck, and have fun! :D

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Hello and welcome!


As a follow up from everyone's suggestions, check out the Community board for things like about RP, the Lore, character development, connection requests.


Along with the tumblr link Ruran provided, you can also use the Resources board for LS, FC, and Roleplay events too.


The Calender among the top of RPH page can also help too for your viewing pleasures.


Good luck! And may the path you choose be filled with the light of the crystal!


P.S. Psst, take advantage of your signature to link your wiki character page. Just a biased suggestion~

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