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In a Bit of a Dilemma

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Heya! Sooooo I need a touch of advice here.


Some time ago, my RP FC disbanded and sorta shut off from the RP scene to go in hiatus, however still ICly functions in the background.


My character is a diehard and incessantly follows around this new family she built in the group, so from an IC stance, it'd make sense to have her simply represent them on her travels.

I'm still in contact with all of the previous FC members OOCly, and there are plans later down the line to reform socially and ICly, but during that time I'm sorta sat on my own with what's essentially become a group of NPC friends.


So I was thinking, what if I took to the public scene with a different version of my current character? Same deal, but with minor alterations in her story which allow her to detach from the old group so I can roleplay with other people and build new connections.


My problem is this:

What if the FC's IC group really does reform during this time?


Naturally, it's the one thing I desire the most since they're now the singular biggest anchor for my character's reason to fight, personal development, friendships and romantic partnership, and I really want to return to the old version, though any connections made during my time as this newer incarnation would be awkwardly altered once it happens, and I have no desire to make a new character.



-My FC is dead for now but plans to rebuild the IC connections later

-My character's buddies and waifu are there ICly

-I don't wanna change character

-I wanna make it so my character can start off fresh

-I'm scared of switching back to the character I wanted to be once it's fixed.


Any thoughts?

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I'd keep going with your current character, in rps this has happened to me. There are different ways of dealing with this. 


IC they left to deal with something and for some reason you couldn't go. 


Ask for a IC explanation from them. 


Last is IC you don't know where they went. 



Throwing a character away isn't the best option as you can end up feeling like something you lost something and lost a lot of time.

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That is rough. I was in a similar spot with an IC partner. But they ended up changing to a new character and my SO took over the husband.


It is gonna be awkward and weird if they do come back. If it was me, I would either break off or re-roll the character til they came back in action.

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Hmm, the real problem as I see it is other PCs you interact with. While you can rationalize your own story however you like, other people's characters will retain that experience & memory.

So, I would try and find an IC reason for the different approach. Something that puts your FC on pause, and provides the impetus for your char to get out there, as well as allowing you to reintegrate in the future should that arrive.. This could be some effect or just a plain change in focus, maybe they all went off on a new venture and you were left behind to "mind the shop".. or whatever suits.


It sounds achievable and without too much "deus ex machina".

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This isn't exactly a new one, but it's a difficult one to face. Often when people do form tight ic connections you run the risk of your character in limbo because either these same players lost interest, needed to take a break for personal reasons or otherwise went on hiatus. If you have been playing almost exclusively in this group(which invariably happens), it can become even more difficult to set your character apart and move forward again. Often if it's something everyone knows is coming there will be plans made to give still active players a way out or an ic reason for an absence and this is really the  best option because it prevents you from being forced to relegate other people's characters to NPC status and attempt to judge off screen interactions based on what you know of them, unfortunately this doesn't always happen.


In my personal opinion I don't think it's fair to hold your character in this limbo based on the possibility of "We might come back"  If you're not interested in playing at all without them than that's fine but to me it really sounds like you've been stuck in a hiatus by default because of this situation.


My best suggestion since you are still in contact with these people is talk to them and try to work something out where you can have a reason why they are not interacting lately that won't force you to have to treat them like NPCs while you play your own story. You should be able to work in a situation where in you can move your character forward while still having a way back in case they return and they are likely to even have some ideas to help you.

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