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I need a rival

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I'll make this pretty quick & keep it short. You can read about my character in detail HERE.


I play Kerrath, who makes a living as a mercenary. I'm looking for somebody who I can engage in semi-regular ultra-gorey ultra-violence.


What I'm looking for in a prospective rival:

  • someone who wants to fight, a lot
  • my character is real proud of his flashy armor, so if your character has flashy armor too, that's a great natural reason for them to become rivals.
  • i prefer that the rival be someone who focuses on physical combat, but kerrath also has a secret stigma against magic users that he doesn't talk a lot about, so maybe that could work.
  • kerrath is true neutral. i'd be fine going up against someone who is either a super good guy or a super bad boy. another neutral friendo is fine but i think that having some sort of moral conflict would add to the rivalry.

What I'm looking for in a player:

  • A really chill person who is really active. preferably you log in at least once a day under normal circumstances, or something close to that.
  • Someone who has a good sense of humor and reasonable attitude. a good OOC relationship between us is mandatory. ideally, we'd share either skype or discord information as well.
  • ya gotta like fites mang.

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