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Your Character's Parents

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So I've seen a few people do this already so I figured I'd make it into a thread. All you need to do is go into character creation, create your character's parents and take a screenshot! And then if you want, write a little blurb about them. I understand that maybe they were raised by another family member or someone completely different and are more important to their story. If you'd rather create them instead, then go ahead. It's all for shits and giggles, I'll go first. 



So Y'zheel was the nuhn in Zhara's tribe. He was a very powerful thaumaturge who rightfully won his position the traditional Yzh tribe way - magic duel. Like any nuhn he mated with a majority of the tribe's women, but considered Y'zheya to be the love of his life. He had eight children with Y'zheya (six boys and two girls) and many kids with other women. He was very traditional and believed that preserving the tribe's culture was at utmost importance. So when Zhara's brother Y'zhanis left the tribe to find his own way, he was not too happy about it.




Y'zheya was a songstress and entertainer who loved to throw festivals and large parties for her tribe. She was also the tribe's diplomat and representative alongside Y'zheel when he was making deals with outside tradesmen, other tribes, and even the Grand Companies themselves. She was considered to be very beautiful, kind and charismatic and befriended many tradesmen, including Thorian Zekial - Zhara's adoptive father. Y'zheel and Y'zheya do have a decently sized age difference, but Zheya looks like a baby in this picture... if only I could've put wrinkles on her.



Edit: Figured I should mention that they both died when Zhara was around four months old. I'll probably make Zhara's adopted dad later on - the guy who actually raised her.

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Aghurlal's family situation is a little bit complicated, but here are essentially his parents...











Kitugh-a was killed by Dalubcierlig shortly after Aghurlal's birth, and Dalbucierlig was killed much later by Aghurlal himself. Qoroqun is the only one that survives to this day - but Aghurlal actually has no possible way of finding out their identity... bar some contrived sequence of Echo visions that he might not even trust the veracity of. (:


And for good measure, the two people who actually raised him, who also live to this day and have shed their old tribe name to join up with the Kahkol:







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I actually did this some time ago for her wiki.. plus I think her father has been used before as a ongoing npc.. haha.





Traveled to Ishgard with his wife and first born, works as an accomplished smith there to this day. Lori very much takes after her father's mannerisms and attitude towards everything. Work-a-holic. Current status: Alive








Formally a battle cleric till the patrol she was with had a run in with a dragon. The encounter left her blind and she was unable to travel long distances anymore. She still worked as a healer with the local orphanage till her health worsened. Current status: Deceased.


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I already made Rinh's mom for my wiki page!





Her mother, Vash Panipahr, matriarch of the family, taught her how to shoot a bow, how to survive in the wilderness, how to stalk game and hunt it.



Rinh's father was absent even by Keeper of the Moon standards, so I haven't bothered making him in the character creator.

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