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Aspiring roleplayer

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Hello there!


I'm an artist who's been playing FFXIV for a while, and I would like to start roleplaying, but I have tons of questions about that...

I'm used to D&D, but this would be my first time roleplaying in a MMO and I have no idea how that works. Also, I'm currently on Cactuar because that's where my friends play, but I feel like I should transfer to Balmung if I want to engage more with the community? Balmung is always closed for character creation though, is it still possible to transfer? (MogStation says you can't transfer to a world with character creation limitations)


So... yeah, I'm still on the fence about lots of stuff but I have no one to talk about and I thought here would be a nice place to start learning and engaging!

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You can definitely transfer regardless of what Mog Station says. Nobody knows why, but you can. One transfer fee covers up to a full server load of eligible characters, so if you think you'd ever like to play more than one character, it's cost-efficient to create some others in advance and transfer everybody simultaneously. :)

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Thanks for letting me know! I had no idea you can transfer more than one character for the same fee, I'll make sure to use this oportunity. 


I've also been reading some guides and stuff around the forum (getting excited to start a new life).

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Lydia has the right of it. Just keep in mind that all the characters to be transferred (max is 8, of course) all meet the requirements TO be transferred... which I believe is only to be about three days old or so? So I'd definitely make any extra alts ahead of time so they're all set to go when you get the transfer!


And, of course, hope to see you when you finally make that crossing to Balmung! :thumbsup:

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