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Character Equation- What characters make up yours?


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I wonder if this prompt has been done before.I can't find it. So! We're going to do this new. Basically, if you had to describe your character with the traits of three existing fictional characters, who would they be and why? I've attached a handy little equation frame you can use, if you'd like.


I picked these ones for Wendy.


Starfire- Friendly, warm, nice, a little air headed.


Jess- If you've ever met Wendy, this should speak for itself. She is out of her mind, and also sings.


Lynn Minmay- Wendy is based off a macross songstress, so it seems fitting to use the first. Also she works part time at a bakery. Not exactly a chinese restaurant, but close enough.




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FROG (Chrono Trigger) - This one is surprisingly fitting if you read the dissertation a fellow by the name of Quovak does in his screenshot LP regarding Frog. He posits that the silly ye olde accent Frog uses in the original US release (but removed in the remakes) helps show the type of character Frog was at the onset: someone who, almost like a caricature, acts like how he thinks a hero should act. And yet, failing in his duty can get him quickly questioning his own purpose and putting down the sword. Despite all that, once he realizes that he’s needed for his own strengths rather than what he thought he needed, he reveals a determination and will that can cleave mountains.


WATTS (Secret/Sword of Mana) - As a smith, you’d figure there’d have to be a smith somewhere in this equation. I was tempted to just put a DnD dwarf (since that’s kinda what the Gegenjis are based off of), but Watts does this and more. He’s the character who goes around helping the heroes of the game by upgrading their gear. And, in Sword, there’s a scene where he realizes he should sell what he makes to who he wants, rather than just whoever pays him (like most dwarves). The fact he also helps provide better and better gear is also a sort of theme Chachan has going (if the Super Smith video a little while back wasn’t proof enough of that). Plus, the Watts in Legend of Mana is a bit of a youngster and a goofball, and Chachan’s definitely those.


X (Mega Man X) - Some may think I picked X for his “unlimited potential” or his insane adaptability. However, X is in this formula for another reason - his personality. X is also a pacifist at heart, wanting nothing more than to see the end of all the fighting and seeing both sides live peacefully together. He cares deeply for not only for his friends (which is already very Chachan-y), but for the victims of war. The fact that X is also considered hotheaded, committed, and strong-willed also gel pretty well with Chachan. But Gegenji, you cry, you just mentioned the lack of confidence with Frog! As a counterpoint, Chachan’s confidence can and does waver, but he stubbornly sticks to his belief of non-violence and seeking a happy ending for everyone.


(... I may have also put this up on mah Tumblrs)

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I'm on my phone or I'd use your frame. It's nice.


For Vassh, it's simple -


Hector Barbossa - a pirate through and through, witty, often smiling, and a bit of a filthy vagabond with a flair for the dramatic.


Spike Speigel - an operative who lives in the moment but is haunted by the tragedies of his past, who's eye is a literal and metaphorical symbol for the loses in his life.


Holland Novak - he loves to fly, and as captain he knows it's his responsibility to look after everyone - even if things don't always go to plan and he loses his temper or does the wrong thing. Plus Vassh was meant to look like him.


Marten is a little different. I won't do the full rundown, but he's equal parts Griffith from Berserk, Ned Bigby, and Finn the Human. It's a mess.

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I never thought about this before...





Umi is from the first season of Love Live and I think Zhara's a lot like her due to Umi's natural ability to be a leader and a serious thinker. Umi's also a great song writer. Both characters are idols in their own right and love their groups much like a close bunch of sisters. (WYNG should seriously watch this anime, I think Wendy is like Honoka, Gwen is like Eli, and Dali is like Nozomi lol)





Eowyn is from the horse kingdom and is skilled at riding one, chocobos are like the horses of Eorzea. Also, the fact that she constantly wants to fight for her kingdom, family and friends despite being rejected a bunch of times is very similar to how Zhara would want to train in the arcanima to defend her family and friends. They both care for their loved ones and their kingdoms (Rohan and Ul'dah - the grand company alliance). They're both strong willed and kind of stubborn.





Beca's another leaderly like character who sings great and is good at thinking up new ideas for music. Like Beca when joining the Barton Bellas, Zhara was reluctant to start a music career and considered just sticking to dancing at the Golden Saucer, but ended up going on the different path.


That's what I could think up! I'll edit this if I think of some better characters to put here.

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For Nebula Stardancer Witch


Worst Witch Student of her era!  

Atsuko Kagari



Batshit crazy! Or is she just in tune with other things?

Luna Lovegood



Scary Crone! And the whole witchs wear hobnail booth thing.

Granny Weatherwax



Got some of that Pirate blood in her veins!

Tia Dalma


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