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  1. It's funny, because Marten is also named Arkwright and is also a young adventurer looking for his place in the world. The difference is, he's a lot less shy and a little more cynical in his outlook, what with the whole dead parents and exiled mother thing. He'd be a terrible mentor though. He hasn't worked out anything other than how to swing a sword himself. Still, If you'd like to meet him, he's usually hanging around Ul'dah somewhere, 5pm EST to whenever. I can't play until the weekend, though.
  2. I'm on my phone or I'd use your frame. It's nice. For Vassh, it's simple - Hector Barbossa - a pirate through and through, witty, often smiling, and a bit of a filthy vagabond with a flair for the dramatic. Spike Speigel - an operative who lives in the moment but is haunted by the tragedies of his past, who's eye is a literal and metaphorical symbol for the loses in his life. Holland Novak - he loves to fly, and as captain he knows it's his responsibility to look after everyone - even if things don't always go to plan and he loses his temper or does the wrong thing. Plus Vassh was meant to look like him. Marten is a little different. I won't do the full rundown, but he's equal parts Griffith from Berserk, Ned Bigby, and Finn the Human. It's a mess.
  3. Sr'vassh Nunh is an amateur engineer, but he specializes in airships, rather than weapons. He's also decidedly black market. So if you see him around, feel free to say hi. I'm always looking for more RP.
  4. Samurai. The whole reason I came back in the first place. I might even be completely redoing my alt Marten to better suit the job and lore.
  5. I don't know how useful it would be, but I did do a write-up on the Xaela when Heavenward dropped. It's not terribly informative, and it answers none of your questions, but what the hell? Here it is.
  6. Well, I did join the Coven after all. But I'm still looking for mates and rivals. My current base of operations is Gridania, and ICly still blocked from most of La Noscea. I don't hang out at the Quicksand much anymore, but if you see me out and about, even if my RP flag isn't up, feel free to approach. I don't instigate as much as I should, but I'm always open to RP.
  7. Sr'vassh is the last surviving member of his tribe - a sea-faring offshoot of the raptors called the Shark tribe. He's a self-styled Nunh and itinerant pirate, so he's an odd example, but he is still, technically, tribal.
  8. As my current RP main, I play with a deck of cards and do card tricks IC to attract attention. It's had a fairly decent success rate. But yeah, I'd echo the "make yourself stand out" advice.
  9. Like my good acquaintance and comrade - Kerrath - I too play a male Seeker - Sr'vassh. I'm also around most times so if you happen to see me, feel free to initiate something.
  10. I did that with my old RP character, Marten. Started with Thancred's hair, and then after becoming a dark knight (ICly), he grew it out. Now he has Thancred's second hairstyle, even though I haven't RPed with him since coming back.
  11. Sr'vassh Nunh smells like rocks and truth, apparently. Leaving aside that I don't know what truth smells like, I'll take it. Odd choice for an openly dishonest airship pirate. But wha' can ye do, mate?
  12. For this young pirate? [align=center][/align] His most obvious influence: [align=center]VvyZruSs3ds [/align] Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector Barbossa.
  13. Orphaned kitten turns to crime, enjoys it immensely.
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