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Dravanian Miqo'te

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Good evening, everyone! I'm currently is the process of writing a post over in the meeting connections tab but, I wanted to ask a general consensus question beforehand:


What is everyone's thoughts on the idea of miqo'te tribes, Keeper or Seeker, living in Dravania? For example: My idea of having a Keeper family living in that grand forest below Idyllshire in the Hinterlands.


While, yes, I am aware of the miqo'te who do currently live in the hub and the one in Tailfeather but, from my understanding, they are from southern Eorzea. If I'm mistaken, please do let me know!


So, that being said, thoughts? Go!


P.S. Please forgive me for having the default cactaur picture. >.< I've yet to decide on how to implement my character into it.

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Miqo'te - specifically, the Seekers of the Sun - have populated more or less every corner of Eorzea that isn't actively hostile to them. Gyr Abania is of a latitude with Dravania, and they can be found there. Dravania is by no means "too far north" for them.


Keepers of the Moon are primarily found in the Black Shroud, and their culture is fairly rooted there. However, you can always find a reason for them to have moved if you decide you prefer the aesthetics of their models.


TL;DR Should be fine!

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Thank you. ^.^ I already chose to use Keeper and have had it made for a while, I just haven't been able to RP him at all yet. Wanted to make sure I didn't offend anyone on a lore perspective before I used that as part of his origins. Plus, I was interested in seeing if anyone had any particular thoughts on it.


I knew the Keepers were primarily part of the Black Shroud and I had the thought one day how likely it would be that there would exist clans outside of that. Particularly in the north. Much like the Seekers with Thanalan and La Noscea. I figured it wouldn't be too much of a problem but, better safe than sorry. Didn't want it to come across as impossible for whatever reason. (Since I'm not too familiar with the lore in regards to that particular area.)

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There's a miqo'te chocobo hunter in the forelands so it's easily do-able! From the dialogue in that quest they don't seem that common there though, since she's kinda confirming that Miqo'te are great hunters to the quest giver.


That's the only area I've been to so far though.

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What is everyone's thoughts on the idea of miqo'te tribes, Keeper or Seeker, living in Dravania? For example: My idea of having a Keeper family living in that grand forest below Idyllshire in the Hinterlands.


To reiterate what everyone else is saying, there is absolutely no reason why Keeper family units (or Seeker tribes) could not be living in the Orn Wild. People are said to rarely venture into its depths and that suits Keeper culture perfectly.


A primeval forest that stretches across the northern reaches of the Dravanian hinterlands, its rich verdure sustained by the pristine waters of the Thaliak. Nigh untouched by the hand of man, its wilds stand between those who would make their way to Sharlayan without braving a trek across the forelands.


While Keepers are primarily found in the Black Shroud, there exist populations of them beyond the Twelveswood's borders. For instance, 1/5th of the game's total Keeper NPC population could be found in Ul'dah circa 2.3. In 1.0, Keepers were a fairly common sight in Limsa Lominsa as well, and some can still be found there. Miqo'te can be found just about everywhere in Eorzea, albeit in very small doses - which falls in line with their lore citing the overall smallest population of Eorzea's five races.




The map illustrates only ARR/HW Miqo'te distribution. In 1.0, Miqo'te could also be found in Coerthas, but that usually turns into a contentious topic, despite the fact Ishgard's House Valentione's 200+ year old coat of arms bears a Miqo'te.


Specifically in Dravania, many different races can be found for a number of reasons: in the past, the Sharlayan colony was situated there and people from across Eorzea came to study there. After Sharlayan left, travelers and adventurers would still make their way through the region or to the abandoned city - which is more or less how Idyllshire came to be formed. Now you can see several Miqo'te there.


So you have a variety of very plausible backstory reasons for a Keeper family to be living in the region- it's far from people, close to nature, they have always made their home in the Orn Wild, they settled there because of Sharlayan, etc. Hope that helps! ^^

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We could theoretically speculate that the Y tribe might be native to the Dravanian Hinterlands. Y'shtola as well as her sister, Y'mhitra, are natives to Sharlayan, but do seem to hold to the traditional naming conventions. Either the Y tribe is native to Old Sharlayan and came over to help with the colony, or they were living in Eorzea when Colonial Sharlayan was established and assimilated into it.


Could also be wrong and Y'shtola and her sister just became Sharlayans by studying there and becoming citizens the old fashioned way, but its enough of a breadcrumb to build off of.

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Thank you very much, everyone! That helped immensely at putting my mind at ease about this. Plus, it gave me a bit more confidence and a touch of lore to be more creative with Lycie'a's future RP.

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