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Hello! It's nice to meet you!

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Hello everyone!


I've been playing FFXIV for a few months now and I'm wanting to get to start to RPing! I've played many MMOs in the past starting with the original Guild Wars back in 2005 and have played Guild Wars 2, some World of Warcraft, a few other MMOs for a bit and now this one which I am really loving!!


I've had some role playing experience in the past, trying out a few different things here and there and I really enjoy it and meeting new people! I currently want to try to be a better role player and make lots of friends.


I'd like to be medium or heavy into role play, I'm actually looking for people to show me the way and guide me on my way to be a better player and character!!



Well thank you for your time and I hope I did not ramble too much! Have a wonderful day <3

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I never welcome people in any forums so maybe I should start... Welcome <3 you're already on track being on Balmung and overall with your RP experience, you'll prolly fit in no problem.


My only personal advice that isn't basic RP knowledge would just be to make sure to finish the MSQ as it helps not only explain FF14's universe but gives you an idea of the present circumstances/time/situations we're in too. If you've already done that, then I'd  just do what I did when I transferred to Balmung from Siren, hang around Ul'dah and info people a bit OOC and check out their search comments. Just to feel out how most people RP, what they disclose in their search comment for it like if they want tells first or something, as well as just getting to know the overall RP community.


You'll find questionable stuff but overall you'll get the feel of FF14's rp environment and for the most part everyone is pretty accepting/kind to helping out. The community as well as these forums offer a pretty judgement free environment and there's not too many nitpicky/strict people about lore. Overall just make sure you're having fun :3


EDIT: oh and I'm sure you already know but feel free to ask questions here or anywhere, be glad to help out however I can o/

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