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Avalon Weekly Tours

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The Avalon Heritage Museum of Ul'dah will begin hosting a weekly tour IC for each starting city (rotating each week, and potentially expanding to hamlets or other cities depending on popularity and other factors). The purpose behind these 'tours' is three-fold.


1. To assist in promoting open world RP in central starting hubs. New Rpers passing by will no doubt get to see our 'tour' crowd navigating the city together IC, which will greatly assist in promoting Mateus RP as a whole.


2. To allow Rpers an opportunity to easily start mingling with others outside their immediate social circle.  Each tour will have a midway 'break' for an IC lunch so people can freely mingle and try to expand their connections IC (and by extension, OOCly as well).


3. To promote lore. Avalon, being a heavy RP group and having the history preservation theme, will do its best to promote educational lore in an IC way that can be beneficial both IC and OOC. These lore tidbits talked about throughout the tour will consist largely of the city's government, historical facts one may find via in game text (leves/quests, npcs, flavor text, etc), and perhaps even promotion of other RP groups if they have any holdings in the respective city.


Each tour will be heavily advertised via fliers throughout cities and hamlets. The cost (IC only for business purposes, no actual gil needed!) will be 500 gil per individual. That said, there's certainly no stopping someone who wishes to ICly bypass the fee to slip in unnoticed.


RP will take place in /say chat. Should the event turnout be large, the tour guide will use /yell throughout the tour. We expect all participants to show respect to one another and remain IC as much as possible in the main chats. OOC should be marked with ((parenthesis like so)) and limited. Please keep all IC drama (attacks, brawls, or other disruptive material) out of this event.


A day and time has yet to be chosen, as we begin looking into which day of the week will work best without conflicting with other public events. An update will come at a later time with more information.

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The first tour will be this Sunday (6/4) at 6pm EST. It will be a tour of Ul'dah and it will initiate in the Quicksand. The IC ad is below (I don't feel like making a fancy graphic given how much work I already put into the actual event itself, so just use your imagination >.>; ).


If you have any recent major RP happenings in Ul'dah that would be newsworthy, major stakes in Ul'dah (business headquarters, events, etc), or anything else relevant to the city that may realistically be brought up in a tour, please let me know and I'll try to slip it in!


IC ad (posted in each major city and several hamlets):



Tour of Ul'dah: Jewel of the Desert


Come one and all, foreigner and locals alike, as the Avalon Heritage Museum hosts the first of its series of city tours! The tour will take attendees around the major focal points of the city and reveal educational knowledge about the city's government, traditions, and more! Added commentary and questions from attendees are welcome, so feel free to come even if you're an Ul'dahn guru!


The tour will start in Ul'dah's Quicksand at the eighteenth bell on the fourth sun of the sixth moon. The cost of attendance is 500 gil per person*. Prepared lunch will be provided at no additional charge**.


*Full payment required at the start. No partial payments accepted. Those who refuse payment will be reported to the local authorities.

**Food/drink beyond what is prepared by Avalon will be at the attendee's own cost. Avalon is not responsible for any adverse affects from the food in the event that an attendee has a negative reaction to the meal.

Avalon is not responsible for any of its attendees belongings. Please watch your coinpurse at all times, especially on Pearl Lane.


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Just a quick reminder that this is tonight at 6pm EST. First of its kind event!


Will likely not make this weekly after all, due to a variety of factors. But it may be a monthly type of event still if reception is positive.

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Avalon just wrapped up its first tour event! Thank you to everyone who came and an extra, double thanks to Zacriel/Freya Mavanix for putting this all together and playing hostess. I've been playing the game since beta and there was a lot of information even I didn't know about Ul'dah! We even caught the attention of a few passersby who joined along and became interested in RP :thumbsup:


Here are a few screenshots from tonight's event and I can't wait to see you all for next month's tour!:










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Thanks for hosting this. Having been a part of the RP community on several games, I'm always thrilled to see events beyond the standard tavern nights (not that those aren't grand) and I could tell there was a lot of work put into this.

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