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Since our artists like doing random drawings of other characters from time to time, I figured it would be nice to have an organized thread where everyone can post references for their characters. This post will be updated by myself and/or other mods as people post! If you have more than one character, please put secondary characters in a separate post for an easier to follow table of contents.


Table of Contents:

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Kylin Felstar


Kylin is a hyur midlander. I think Gerik got Kylin pretty good body-wise in one of his silly cosplay drawings here: http://i.imgur.com/FfT5x4y.jpg . A real life reference, actor-wise, would be the following: http://www.kazeo.com/sites/fr/photos/132/caleb-lane_1324590-M.jpg . He has a sole tattoo on his back, representing his past with the Order of the Stormguard. The tattoo is viewable on his wiki.


Ky is now in pretty good shape after the 5 year skip. Not as bulky as a highlander of course, but pretty nicely cut for a midlander. Facial-wise, I've said it many times already but he's kind of a 'pretty boy.' I think people really misunderstand what I mean by this though. By pretty boy, I mean along the lines of someone like Zac Efron for example (lol). He really doesn't look all that different from his current wiki photo: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kylin_Felstar


Complexion: Nicely tan, as he grew up/lives in Ul'dah the desert city.


Clothing-wise, Ky doesn't really wear anything overly baggy. He likes to show off his body with form-fitting clothing more often than not. This gear style is very much the style Kylin takes a personal liking to: http://i.imgur.com/F9GlsEp.jpg . That's kind of going to be Ky's signature style of outfits xD.

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Oooh, this is a nice idea! I do want to draw more of everyone else's characters. And if people post their profiles here I can get a better idea of who -wants- their characters drawn too.




Tim'a Fei

Miqo'te :: A Keeper of the Moon :: Male

Skin color: Light Gray

Eye color: Blue

Hair/Ears/Tail color: Black

Hair Style: Short and messy

Expression: Almost always grumpy

Marks: A scar on his cheek

Body Type: Lean & muscular

Clothing: Usually half-dressed (unless someone badgers him into dressing properly)


More info on his Wiki-page: [LINK]




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Most of Deirdre's information can be found on her Wiki, please use it as the main reference.


Hair: Azure, long and unruly.

Eyes: Darkly rimmed heavy lashes, icy coloured orbs.

Build: Overall hourglass figure. Round hips, a handful of breast. Long muscled legs.

Demeanor: Not often happy, a distant or angry gaze. Very elegant of stature.


Again, best pictures are on the wiki, but here is one. :)







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I'm stealing CassandraJean's template cause I'm lazy. (Hope you don't mind :P)


Hyur :: Highlander :: Male

Skin color: Tanned

Eye color: Light Blue

Hair color: Dark Burgundy

Hair Length: Short and cropped, ranges from shaved to perhaps 3-4 inches.

Expression: Nonchalant, often lazing about

Marks: Symmetrical Facial Tattoos

Body Type: Muscular, Gymnast's build

Clothing: Shirtless


Gerik's Skintone Palette







Body and Clothes Sheet







Underwear Shot







More Underwear Shots







One More for Good Luck







Here is my wiki


And the real-life actor who would play Gerik is Marco Dapper

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Eva Zelorius


Foreword:  Great idea!!  Most everything here is subject to change depending on what we decide for Phase 3 beta with the rest of the appearance options are made available.  Odds are there will not be any major changes though.  Some may note there are a few subtle differences from 1.0 listed already.  Most of this is borrowed from a draft of the wiki page, which we're still working on.  This post will be edited shortly after Phase 3 once we've pinned down more of the specifics.




A pair of large, round amethysts examine nearly everything with childlike curiosity and smile in compliment with her lips, which are soft and full and most often are painted some shade of red.  Her nose is gently rounded and of normal size and shape.  Her face is framed by her long, straight hair and a smooth, feminine jawline.  Probably the most striking feature on Eva's face is a gray tattoo in the shape of a gnarled tree branch which begins on the left side of her forehead, goes down at an angle over her eyelid, and tapers off in several directions on her left cheek.



Yellow-blonde hair sweeps back from her brow and cascades down the entirety of her back, ending a bit below her waistline.  It is soft, clean, and cared for fastidiously.  She often wears a small braid within her hair to one side.  Often when working or fighting she will tie it back in a ponytail to keep it out of her face, but she prefers to leave it be for the most part.  She often threads her knitting needles within her hair when she's not using them as well.



Eva's skin is ashen like most duskwights, but it is pale and has a very slight gray-blue tint to it.  It is smooth and soft, and very meticulously looked after.  While in her early thirties, most might guess her age to be in the mid-twenties instead.  With the exception of the tattoo on her face (see above) and two piercings at the base of each ear, her skin is entirely unmarred and unblemished.



By and far, her most prominent figure is her extremely ample bosom (yes she has enormous boobs).  She often goes to great lengths to try (often in vain) to conceal this.  Her body is soft and curvaceous; broad hips and a slender waistline give her a beautiful hourglass figure.  Her arms and legs are moderately toned, though she lacks any significant muscle mass.



Having spent most of her adult life overweight, Eva is extremely self-conscious about her appearance, even though she is today considered by most to be stunningly beautiful.  As a result she generally prefers robes, cloaks, shawls, and heavier garments that help conceal her overly buxom figure.  She has had alterations made to armor in order to accomodate her oversized chest, and has found herself at times going as far as wrapping binding cloth around her torso before suiting up in armor.  As a weaver by trade she is moderately aware of fashion trends and tries to meld her own conservative style with that what is popular in search of a happy middle ground.


She prefers white, purple, blue, black, gray, and green to other colors but has been known to wear the entire spectrum.  She does not wear gold jewelry, preferring the look of silver or mythril (bluish).  Her favorite gemstone is the opal.


Eva will wear more revealing garments when she knows she is alone (such as around her home).  She has also been coaxed out of her proverbial shell on rare occasions by friends and has been seen wearing low-cut gowns for events such as masquerade balls and galas, and even the occasional casual social gathering as well.  Recently becoming aware of the effect that wearing such clothing has - particularly on men - she has begun weaving more clothing designed to be low-cut, tight, or otherwise risque. She has not worked up the nerve to wear most of it herself, however.


A Few Plausible Depictions:



Making/pouring/drinking Tea

White mage

Dancing (ballroom)

Spending time with friends


Offering counsel


Prayer or meditation

In Rain (or really any kind of water)

Practicing with polearm

Eating a sun lemon plain

Brushing hair

Spending time with pet bat





We've had a fair bit of commissioned artwork done and to date these three depictions of Eva feel the most accurate representations of her - the first in particular stands out to us as being the truest representation of her:

















Here are a few good screenshots of Eva as she'll appear in ARR from the Beta:











Here are a couple older hi-res screenshots from 1.0 as well, in various attire and lighting (though these are probably now somewhat outdated):












Also on the model/actress thread from awhile back, Gerik discovered for us  this model, Claire Tully who looks a bit as we would imagine Eva - albeit with less mascara, paler ashen skin, longer elezen ears, etc.


Any questions about her may be PM'd to us.  We're always glad to talk about her and her nuances!

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This is no longer my main. Feel free to draw her if you wish though. I will be adding the info for my main soon.



I love art in all different styles. I love this idea. Here is some stuff about my character.


 K'eizaki Shakoo (Key-ZAH-key)



Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun



Her face is an oval shape with a more pointed chin. Her orange eyes with cat-like pupils are always filled with wonder and glisten. She usually has a smirk or smile on her face. She has white markings on her cheeks. Her cheeks aren't sunk in nor are they overly chubby.



Sienna with a fair bit of golden blonde highlight to it. She keeps it pushed out of her face but doesn't do much else with it except brush it. It's thick and falls just a touch below her shoulders.



She has a golden tanned complexion with no real blemishes or marks that stand out.



Average height. Her shoulders are narrow and sets the stage for the rest of her  frame/ small bone structure. Her waist is defined but her hips are not overly large. Her arms and legs have some muscle definition to them though. Her bosom is noticeable but certainly not large and falls into proportion with her slender body.



Optimistic, adventurous, naive, curious, humanitarian.



Prefers suedes and leathers but will also don white mage robes if that is what is needed. The brighter the better. The more fringe, feathers, buttons, the better. She doesn't like anything made from delicate or fancy material unless she is going to a ball which rarely happens.


Hobbies and potential scenes:

Gazing up at the sky 



Martial arts

Playing a pan flute

Climbing trees


And the real life actress to play her would probably be Jennifer Aniston.


Here are some screenies



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Name: Kannadi Albedo

Race: Hyur Midlander

Skin: Light to medium brown, trending darker on sunny days of field study.

Hair: Very neatly kept. Dark brown, shoulder-length and gently wavy before the Calamity; may or may not change in coming months.

Eyes: Gray

Build: Respectably fit.

Demeanor: Polite, serious, educated, observant, and reluctant to engage in frivolity. Dislikes being made the center of attention unless it's on her terms.

Clothing: Generally conservative and expensive. Doesn't typically show skin outside of her face and hands if she has things her way. Prefers cool colors to warm ones.









Mage gear:




And then of course there's her wiki page.


Edit: And a recent drawing from Gerik!




Edit: And a full-body drawing by Xenedra!




Edit: Some Dragon Age 2 representations.




Edit: A drawing from Zeyith!



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interesting. maybe she never be draw but... why not?


Sarah Dòxa


Body:  More muscolare than average witha flat chest.

Eyes:  Grey.

Hair:  Short and light grey colored.

Skin:  Slighty pale.

Marks:  Scar on her nose.

Clothing:  Her favourite outfit is a dark red cotton breastcloth, a black dated leather subligar and a pair of Ul'dan soldier's boot. from her waits hang a rifle



Demeanor:she look violent, vengeful, inpulsive and acts before thinking.


Possible Depictions:

fighting (hand to hand, with or without trick, shooting from every distance, even during a bare hand combat)



teasing somebody

trying to intoxicate cooking for somebody.






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me: Alothia Starkwood


Race: Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te


Skin: Pale


Hair: Long hair, pulled back on the sides. Light pink with medium blue highlights


Eyes: Round pupil, Purple-Gray Iris


Build: Alothia is tall and slight, with a larger bust and hip than can be seen in 1.0


Demeanor: Alothia is flirty and easy of manner, she enjoys having a good time. She's generally not shy, but in intimate situations she can blush rather easily, and because of the pallor of her skin, she shows it.  She does not anger easily, but will stand up for her friends if the need arises with no thought to her own health


Clothing: She dresses mostly in tops and skirts, liking a mix of cloth and leather in her outfits. For special dates, she'll wear a coatee. She also enjoys bliauds and tunics.

















The rest of my screenshots can be found here.


All approved commissions can be found on my wiki page


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Name: Ronberku Vantarius

Profession: Blacksmith / Gladiator


Height: Quite tall for a male elezen.


Body: Clear visibly toned muscles that leans more towards muscular than toned. Due to many years working at a forge and carrying all his creations around to be sold. He also has broader shoulders than the average elezen.


Quick example I made in the past. Still needs to be longer more elezen like.






Hair: Dark half long hair, which is often pulled back and tied up together behind his head and shoulders. When loose, his hair reaches down his neck to between his shoulders.


Eyes: Golden, which often causes people to think he's an evil man or angry. Only wears glasses when reading books or small letters. Othwerwise he has good eyesight.


Skin: A healthy brown/caramel skin tone.


Scars: One diagonal scar on each of his cheeks.


Clothing: Ronberku is often seen in towns wearing his trademark white shirt, red pants and thigh-high black boots. While his hands are usually covered by a pair of black gloves. Otherwise he likes to wear all kind of matching shirts and pants


Personality: Laid back, flirty, tend to come off as arrogant


Images and drawings









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No one ever draws me. I want to be drawn.


Race/Clan/Gender: Hyur/Midlander/Male


Name: Uther Skystrider


Profession: Adventurer/Exiled Dragoon


Personality: Most of all chivalrous and knightly. Also, introspective, though friendly and helpful. Can be fun and humorous, but in combat he's steel-eyed and mean.


Body type: Average height, average build leaning on thin.


Clothing: almost always leather, chain, or heavy cloth. form-fitting.


Activities: There are a few pictures I have in my head of Uther. Usually something like leaning against a wall or sitting in a tree. Simple things. I would really like to see him doing the classic dragoon stance ( http://www.finalfantasy-fxn.net/images/media/5193ce48_final-fantasy-xiv-14-dragoon-art.jpg and http://pspmedia.ign.com/psp/image/article/115/1151515/dissidia-012-final-fantasy-20110222072727194.jpg ) with a standard issue spear and generic random-nobody leather armor. I think it'd be really cool, since he's always a dragoon at heart even without the armor or lance.


Here are some pictures.





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Name: Uruvion Firelight


Race: Duskwight Elezen


Profession: Captain of a small ship which sails with the Knights of the Barracuda, Pirate in his off hours.


In-game classes: WHM, BRD(?), PUG(?)


Height: A bit short for an elezen


Body: Slender with some muscle tone.


Hair: Shoulder length, Silver with one side longer on one side of his face.


Eyes: Light blue or silver.


Skin: Tan


Markings: (haven't seen character creation options)


Clothing style: White mage garb when he is in battle or on his ship. When he's in town he always wears a wide-brimed black hat, tan cloak with a black sleeveless shirt underneath, brown forearm-length gloves, baggy navy blue pants and brown boots that reach mid-calf.


Other: He is effeminate and strikingly beautiful. He always wears a silver cross around his neck, square rimmed glasses, and always keeps a gold ring in his pocket.


His traveling attire looks similar to this, but different colors, and his hair is shorter. Also missing the hat/glasses:








His hair is similar to this. I'm going to get my character as close to this as possible:







Wiki: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Uruvion_Firelight

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A'eyshn (Aysun) Demiir [wiki]

Race/Clan: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

Gender: Female

Skin color: Medium Fair

Eyes: Heterochromic (Left Blue / Right Brown) Slitted Pupils

Hair/Ears/Tail color: Blonde, naturally highlighted from sun-exposure

Hair Style: Short and messy, with slight curl like so. Tail: Longer fur as seen in game.

If grown long, her hair is distinctly curly. Medium, loose curls, something like this but longer. Usually in a messy/loose braid.

Marking: Three brown markings on each cheek, scar on her right thigh, scar above her left eye extending up into her hairline (though it is mostly covered by her bangs), large scar on the mid right side of her abdomen

Body Type: Petite, trim, small bust

Weapons: Short bow of some sort, or a wand/stave. Nothing overly special, she usually just makes her own stuff.

Notes: I've always kept her appearance very much like she is in game. Face shape, the way her eyes are and such, because I like how she looks in game. So screenshots are probably the best refs to use other than Gerik's portrayal of her hair! Also, she does NOT have fangs. She's a Seeker of the Sun, we don't have fangs. xD

Demeanor: "It's complicated" .. No really. She's can be a mess. She likes to drink. She dances. She's a healer and an archer/bard. She laughs and gets cranky like everyone else. Just have fun. :P


Tabards / Tunics / Vest thingy with and without sleeves / Hunting Tunic thingy / Bard shirt & hat (never wears the tights, heels, bangles)


Leather Half-gloves (pretty much always~)

Rarely CNJ / WHM or Maelstrom garb

Bandana occasionally

When dancing? Not much. As in, she basically dances in her undies. See wiki. x3


Clothing examples behind the spoiler.





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Name: Kassandra Dawn


Race: Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun


Profession: Kass runs a business that supplies herbs and potions to well meaning customers.  (and sometimes things that aren't so good if people need it)


In-game classes: Bard or Archer


Height: Tallest height for Miqo'te


Body: Slim with curves and some muscle


Hair: LONG, it falls to her lower back.  It is black with red highlights.  Also sometimes she wears it pulled back in the ponytail with bands pinned up, other times she wears it down with her bangs down.


Eyes: Grey


Skin: Tan


Markings: none


Clothing style: Kass wears simple clothes when at home, usually dresses (i know they're not in game so be as creative as you like.  Other examples in the spoilers below.


Other: Kass has a 5 year old daughter who looks exactly like her, but with round pupils instead of the vertical slit.
















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Name: Teveriel Anduin

Race: Wildwood Elezen

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 170 ponz

Hair: Silver-blonde, almost white; worn long and usually in a ponytail

Eyes: Light grey 

Physical Description: Slender and quite pale of skin, especially for a Wildwood Elezen. Despite his pallor, most of the time he appears to be healthy enough, despite a marked lack of muscle mass. Wears spectacles most of the time.

Possible Depictions: Black Mage; Arcanist; Summoner; laboratory environment; study; gathering herbs/reagents

Clothing: Prefers a long coat for everyday wear; the most common colors for his clothing are black, grey, blue, or green.










(Alothia: I just fixed your image tags so they'll show up. ^^)

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Character Name: Zwei Ahlstedt

Race: Duskwight Elezen

Gender: Male

Age: 19-24

Hair: Royal blue

Skin: Ashen grey

Eyes: Heliotrope

Height: 6 fulms 6 ilms

Weight: 221 ponz


In-game Job: Monk


Appearance- Tall and fit. Drooping ears, long blue hair. Usually sullen demeanor, but not always.





more art can be found here .


Preferred Activities- Zwei is quite reclusive and introspective. Pensive,world-weary, a bit gloomy. He is most often drawing in his journal, sketching his surrounding. He is illiterate so pictures are how he tells stories. He also likes being near water. His own home is actually in a cave behind a waterfall in Twelveswood. He's an accomplished fisher and competent sailor. He even has a small sail boat that his father, his brothers and he built together when they were younger.


Colours- Greys, Blues, Greens, deeply saturated "moody"colors


There are no RL actors I would like to see portray Zwei. If anything, I would prefer he be featured in an amazing anime or something. :P

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EDIT: Please draw my hair as I describe it in this thread. Not on my avatar. The hair on my avatar isn't a perfect match. Thanks.


I would be immensely honored to have anything sketched in my name. I am not an artist, so for me, seeing what I created with my mind in image format is amazing to me.


My wiki page: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ryanti_Veanysus


I only have one picture right now. Going to steal Cassandra's template as well if she doesn't mind.


Name: Ryanti Veanysus


Race: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon (No facial markings, round irises because he is halfbreed).


Profession: Ryanti Veanysus is the heir of a wealthy noble family. He is of the bishonen prince archetype. He's pretty, he's angelic, and graceful.


In-game classes: Paladin. If you wish to draw him older, PM me.


Height: Quite tall for a Miqo'te given his human father.


Body: Slender, but toned. Feminine traits, without going overboard. Bishonen. He's not exactly chiseled but his body is scarless and there's no fat anywhere.


Hair: A radiant white, with bangs falling down in a curve, covering a bit of his eye. His hair is short, round, and boyish, delicately combed and always washed and taken care of with great maintenance. He can afford it.


Eyes: Aquamarine


Skin: Pasty white. Not pale, but radiant.


Markings: None.


Clothing style: Ryanti prefers soft fabrics, and delicately crafted clothing (though I won't pressure you to bust your butt making designs lol), he has a large taste for fashion in regards to sophistication. He has a knack for beauty, and he would go well beyond most men in preparing himself to go out.


Here are some visual inspirations.


Ryanti Himself.






This picture is so accurate of his hair, I don't need another.






And of course, I've always liked this picture.





I am not going to post a picture of clothing ideas, because I like to hand that creative freedom over to the artist. I do, however, have some tips. He's a philosophical individual who's values angelic beauty. I would go for princely, I would go for bishonen, and if the clothing he is wearing happens to be simple (nightwear or something) then I would still like for them to be well made, or.. accented slightly. To show that he's wealthy.


What is important is his expression. His eyes are.. never dull. They are full of life. His expression in a picture.. hm, it depends on the situation, but he tends to assume gazes of poetic depth. He's quite timid, but he has a strong soul. He's very 'artsy' and 'Shakespearian' in nature, so take that as you will.

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Name:  Manari Onai


Race/gender:  Female Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon.  


Size:  Small and slim


Eyes:  large and bright green


Hair and skin:  Bright light-blonde hair with an almost completely white skin tone.  


Manari is generally sweet and kind, sometimes shy and nervous.  In ARR she will have grown up a bit and have become a bit more assertive and confident.  She can almost always be found in the Twelveswood.  


Here are some visual references of Manari:


















And here is a whole gallery of reference images for her I made:




[align=center]~~~~~~~Manari reference gallery!~~~~~~~[/align]






Thank you for looking!

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Aehtel Strand


Hyur :: Midlander :: Male

Age: 25

Height: 5.9

Skin color: Pale

Eye color: Brown

Hair Style: Short and Dark Brown

Expression: Empty yet kind

Body Type: Slim and non-muscular

Clothing: Typically in a robe of sorts, something to hide in.

Personality: Quiet but not rude or mean. Doesn't normally talk unless spoken to.

Job/Class: Bard~Scholar




Wiki Page: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Aehtel_Strand

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