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Elezen Informant and Xaela painter

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Looking for connections for my Elezen and Xaela.

My Elezen (Charce) is an informant and crime boss with a few other business ventures on the side. His tumblr can be found: here and his RPC profile here

Types of connections: Need something stollen? Want to bring down an opponent? Are you a fellow spy looking to join a network of spies? Want some competition in the underground business world? Also, friends, acquaintances, etc. He's not the romantic type...at all. So that'd be a bit of a stretch.


My Xaela (Shona Hotgo) is a young (19 year old), traveling body painter (think tattoo artist) who has always been a little eccentric. By night, he is a phantom thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor and will also take commissions to steal returned properties to their rightful owners. I have a blog for my Xaela, but it's currently empty. I DO use the female character model for him since aesthetically I have an Adekan-esque image for him. Figured I'd give fair warning on that.

Types of connections: Want some art done for your character? A spy? Someone who wants to have their business infiltrated? Another Xaela who wants Steppe connections? Want something retrieved? An investigator who wants a suspect to follow?


OOCly I'm looking for long term, serious RP plots. I don't prioritize or care for romance in my RP so I'm not the person to ask if that's what you're looking for. In terms of violence or darker themes, that's fine with me. I adapt to whoever I'm RPing with. 


I have a few guidelines for rp, so please check them out: here


If you're interested, please PM me here or reach out to me on discord--pm me for that. You can also shoot me a message on tumblr and I'll try to reply here as well.

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Hello!  So I think either one of your characters (or both) would work really well as a contact or possibly rival for my Xaela character Missing (No that's not her real name).  She's a spy with a network within her current Free Company and she's always looking for new contacts.  If you want to chat and plan some things out, or just meet up and role play to see how things go let me know!  My Discord is Missing_Aria#5466, feel free to shoot me a PM!

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