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Why hello again

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Wow, it sure has been a long time since I last popped in around these parts of the innerwebs..


I believe that the site's wiki only had three or four pages back then..

Although going by the new name and look, a merger likely happened.


So hello, I am Mycroft (previously Malrend), I am not exactly new, but as good as.

Looking forward to dive head first into ARR along with some fresh faces and hopefully some RP'ing done along the way.


TONBERRIES! :tonberry::tonberry::tonberry:

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Hello and welcome!  I'm not sure any sort of merger happened.  Just a lot of dedication and effort by a lot of RPers collectively!  :thumbsup:


If you have any questions or anything, please don't hesitate to ask.  We're all pretty awesome around these parts.  :D

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Hey Myc! I'd have greeted you sooner, but the Welcome Desk is my lowest priority to check. Not that I'm not glad for new members, I'm just not good with greetings. Especially when I don't have anything to say other than a generic greeting.


Thankfully there's always a great welcome wagon from the people who are good at that stuff!


Anyway, I knew you'd be here sooner or later. I planted the seed in your mind months back when I posted a link to the site post-makeover on my Enjin wall. MWAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!

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