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Brush Calligraphy and Paintings

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I'm not sure if anyone's interested in brushes of the far east, but recently I've started drawing traditional chinese paintings, since I've been doing calligraphy almost all my life, this turns out to be quite easy. Chinese brushes are also the basis on which most Japanese stuff derives from, and I've been drawing some of that as well.


What I want to try to do is take this art style, my limited skill in it, and apply it to FFXIV sceneries. To that effect, if anyone is interested, and has some amazing screenshots, I'd love to take one and try to turn it into a painting.


Here's a sample I threw together in 5 minutes to test my brush and the new paper I bought.



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Okay, here is a preliminary draft of things. I drew in two styles, one an abstract western style that I feel didn't really work as well as I hoped with the brush. The other is, while not completely traditional, more closely aligned with traditional techniques. Comments! Biting criticism, as much as possible!


edit: Also, I need to adjust the f-stop settings on my camera, no need to point that out for now. xD

edit 2: Also, top = traditional, bottom = more abstract




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I love how the strokes of the top one give such gorgeous, subtle detail, especially on the mountain and bridge (the bridge is my favorite part).


The simplicity of the second one is beautiful, but the towers look a bit odd to me. But I also have no artistic talent, so I could just be mistaken when it came to the towers.


*waiting for more of your stunning pieces*

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Thanks guys for the amazing encouragement! I've literally just started drawing these things, so to see everyone actually not calling it ugly is very cool.


Having said that, please give me lots of biting criticism!


Also, whoever can tell me where this is ... gets lots of cookies and love. All the filename told me was "FF-RR-RW1.jpg" D: ... now I'm actually not even sure if this is FFXIV anymore.


Edit: I did add the blossom and the tree, the bottom left of the image was too silly to draw. xD


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I cannot criticise your work. You are doing things I have no experience with. I'll just say you do a pretty darn good job of giving the impression of a thing without actually replicating the thing.


Also, I wanna say that's Limsa Lominsa, probably? Or maybe Ishgard from an unfamiliar angle?

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Or maybe Ishgard from an unfamiliar angle?


For some reason, I found this statement funny, lol.


"Well, usually Painters would paint Ishgard from the direction of the Southeast. It is quite taboo to paint it from the Northwest."


lol. Sorry. I'm a child.

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