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Test your potentional ping to the ARR servers (Na)

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So found this on reddit (Like everything else) http://www.daevaofwar.net/index.php?/topic/196-how-to-check-your-na-server-ping/




Step 1: Open the command prompt in windows


While holding the Windows key (Between CTRL and ALT) and then pressing "R" it will open the run window.




Type "cmd" as shown in the image above and hit OK or press enter.


Step 2: Ping the Montreal SE Server





and hit enter





The result should look like:




Your minimum, maximum and average ping are listed at the bottom.


All NA servers and Ragnarok (the EU server) pings will be identical. They are located together.


Post your scores.


In the MMO world, ping times are a bit more flexible than FPS or other twitch reflex games.


Lets change this chart a little bit.


1-50 ms = Excellent

51-100ms = very good

100-200ms = Normal

200-300ms = ok

300-500ms = meh

500+ = Problematic




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Well, from the wireless on my mac, after 10 pings sent to the server i have an average of 95ms ping. Not bad, not horrible. Better than what we were sometimes getting in the early days of v.1.0, eh? xD


also I live in San Diego CA

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