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New to game trying to pick good rp server

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Was hoping those who see this could list the pros and cons of each server so its easier to pick a good rp server that will fit me.

Also what rp server has most members and are there any good clubs or rp related links i should look at?

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Hiya there.


The main servers people congregate on for RP are Balmung (closed indefinitely for character creation), Mateus (occasionally closing for new characters during peak hours), and Omega (EU datacenter).


Unlike other MMOs that might have officially designated RP servers, there's nothing quite like that on FFXIV. Unless you already have characters on Balmung, I'd say go with Mateus as they're the next biggest group.


In terms of numbers, Balmung > Mateus > Omega. Balmung's population had gotten so large that it was causing server instability and has been closed even for incoming server transfers until that changes. Once that happened, players on Mateus worked on outreach and directing people there, and their server has reached a point of self-sustaining RP, I believe. They tend to use a discord server for more coordination than the RPC, but the RPC is open to RP on all servers!


In terms of links, it'd more depend on what you're looking for. We keep a list of known active Free Companies (guilds) and Linkshells (chat channels) for various servers that are known for RP. If you mean in terms of game lore to get started/answer some common questions, here's what I give out to people to start off with.


Eorzean Lore Starter Kit

-Racial Lore Compilation

-Class/Job Lore Compilation

-Hydaelyn Geography Lore

-Settlements in Eorzea Pre-Calamity

-Eorzean City-states' Political Structures Lore

-Eorzean Units of Time and Measurement Lore

What Year Is It? Time Passage in FFXIV

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Also new to FF14 (not new to MMORPGs). Those are some good links. They'll be helpful along with the ones in the stickied "Now that I am here, what do I do?" should I decide to stick around.

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