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  1. Was wondering if this was still active
  2. Been a week and no reply yet was hoping the new patch would mean would hear from them
  3. You can ask them here or ask me in-game. That's Priae Qalli! Tried asking priae but couldnt figure out when they were online I always ended up getting error when i sent the tell and problem wih discord is i get a error if i send a pm unless they are a friend or share a server
  4. Appreciate it and thanks for answering my questions but will pass
  5. Sorry about before didnt know needed to put in game name added it now
  6. What do i do if no one on the list is on?
  7. Site is down if I wanted to join this ls for rp how would i do it?
  8. Was hoping those who see this could list the pros and cons of each server so its easier to pick a good rp server that will fit me. Also what rp server has most members and are there any good clubs or rp related links i should look at?
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