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Adventure, Fame and Fortune... And Friends [RP, FC, LS]

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I'm coming back to FFXIV after a bit of a hiatus, I'm really interested in finding some people to Roleplay with. I've got a huge background of RP experience so I'm sure I can find a way to nestle into some scenarios! I'm in an FC right now, however, I don't do anything with them these days so I'm willing to hop over to a new one.


[align=center]The Character:[/align]

[align=center]Wiki Page[/align]

Sahja is a young Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon, whom rather typically prefers the company of her own kind (But don't let that stop you, she's not that picky). She's brash, rugged and bratty at times, but deep down there lays a heart of gold that has survived the worst of the hardships she's faced. Her impatience and impulsiveness will betray her intelligence, but she will make for a fine adventuring partner, business associate or whatever have you. Well, she'll try her best, anyway.


[align=center]The Player:[/align]

I'm EU, in the ol' UK, but I'm frequently online at later times so that's never been too much of an issue in interacting with NA folk, as such I'm happy to hear from parties on both sides of the water. Though, people to the far, far East might have trouble getting hold of me. I've Been Roleplaying on MMOs for nearly a decade now, including WoW, GW2, FFXIV and BDO, lots of characters, lots of good times!

You can contact me in-game by sending a /tell to Sahja Maimhov. But, for a more immediate response, add my Discord @ Ash#6024. Even if you don't want to RP, but just want to play together, come and give me a poke, I'm currently levelling my way through Stormblood! 


[align=center]The Roleplay:[/align]

[align=center]So, what exactly am I after? [/align]





+Events (By DMs)

+DMing for people


-Excessive romance 

-Large focus on dark themes

-Heavy interaction with criminal organisations (She's not a goodie two-shoes, just doesn't like people who harm innocents for their own gain.)




Hopefully, I hear from one or two of you   (^・ω・^ )


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If you're interested Suen it at your disposal for any hooks or story you might have in mind!


Suen looks like a good story node to chip away at. I can think of a good few ways that she and Sahja could get along, in fact, some more surprising than others!

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