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Phase3 - Player List

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To go sort of alongside the picture thread in a way...I dunno, haha. I thought it might be a good idea to have people post their character names so we can friend each other and locate one another. I know Phase 3 is (at the moments) weekends only and somewhat short in general, but y'know.


Mine are:


- Ophelia De'winter   (If you added me yesterday, Friday, please re-add! I rerolled her for reasons.)


- K'aworu Rhea (Please re-add, too! I re-rolled today.)

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Aysun Demiir, in Gridania and Ul'dah for now. ARC onry so far. I'm thinking it's going to suck though when we get our characters back because we can't edit their appearance yet? Aysun's hair looked really wonky when I imported her. x_x

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Zerayya Al'rahal


That's her current name, but her real name will be Zeraia Reynard; I'm just not really sure which one I will use, but I think Zeraia Reynard works more for a Midlander. I also have:


Evening Glory

Raschelle L'renouille

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