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Information Brokering & Investigation Services

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The Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern is a cozy teahouse and bar located within the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood, but lesser known is that the same establishment serves as information brokering and private investigations business, Teatime. Teatime can help provide information on any person, place, or thing.

What you need to know OOC

  • Due to the potentially questionable nature of the business, the information brokering side of things is kept on the down-low, but it’s no total secret. If you have reason for your character to know, then you can assume they do.
  • Our FC is not lore-strict, but we are lore-friendly. We are flexible and can accommodate for bending the lore, but not breaking it. Please be respectful of this and do not knowingly ask our FC to investigate anything that goes against lore or reasonable belief.
  • Teatime has no interest in getting on the wrong side of the law. Any deals involving anything too immoral or illegal may potentially be declined... and maybe tattled to the proper authorities or sold as information to some do-gooders.
  • All payments are IC, no actual gil or item exchanges necessary.

We can find information in two ways:

  1. If your character needs to know something to advance your own plot, your character can hire Teatime, and you can give us the necessary information OOC along with any details about when/how/where you wish our characters to discover it, which we can either role-play or assume to have happened behind the scenes. Teatime can then relay the information to your character.
  2. If your character wishes for Teatime to relay information on another player character, Teatime can try to obtain this information. This will happen organically via role-play or with whatever cooperation the other role-player is willing to give. Given this involves the variable of a third party, we cannot guarantee results this way. We will not metagame for information on other characters (though eavesdropping IC will be considered fair game). If you are interested in using Teatime's services or otherwise setting up a role-play with us, feel free to catch us IC, or contact us OOC via RPC, Discord, or in-game to organize some RP.

Disclaimer: Any job you bring to us may potentially be used as a hook for our private FC investigation mission RP's. These RP's are just to give our FC members something to do and help their characters be involved in the work! You do not have to accept the happenings of any of these role-plays as canon to your own character's story.

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