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Eureka & The potential for cross-server RP?

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So having spent a few hours in Eureka, and with what I've heard of locations discovered, I ended up thinking. 
The timer is quite long, there doesn't appear to be any penalties from leaving and rejoining - Say and emotes work. There's locations without monsters, and I am certain that with enough time low-level mobs wont bother people much. There's a lot of people right now, but unless they somehow manage to keep peoples attention then the hype wont last for long. 

At least within the Data Centers, I think there could actually be a potential for cross world RP. Even in larger than 8 man groups, as long as one would be willing to try hard enough to land on the same map as the people you want to RP with. 
The lore might have to be messed with a little, but honestly this all has me really curious. How do people feel about potentially role playing in such a location? What would you do with it if you were to give it a go? Have you spotted any locations that could be useful? 


I honestly like the steps they're taking with things like Eureka, I am starting to see more and more how the promised cross-server linkshells could become useful - maybe we will actually end up in a situation where the walls between the servers aren't so solid anymore. 

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It's certainly doable. I've RPed with and DMed a couple of plots in dungeons and PotD in the past for friends from Faerie and Mateus. Having an external place to organize like Skype or Discord helps. 


Your group would probably need to be cross-server friends and already partied up beforehand though. As for the area itself, it's a bit MHW-flavored and the premise is tailor-made for explorers, Sharlayans, and Student of Baldesion survivors. Any FCs who organize specifically to help people group up and grind out elemental levels / Protean crystals, while also providing IC motivations/conceits, will get popular real fast.

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Posted (edited)

As a setting, Eureka is absolutely amazing. It's like a theme park of outdoor settings. There's a coast, there's jungle looking areas, forest looking areas, I swear I saw a cave once, and there's all these little run down buildings that would make perfect shelters for adventurers caught in bad weather. Once I got a group that actually left the coast I thought "Damn, it'd be so easy to set a scene here!" and then realized that such a thing would be far too ambitious for me.


As a place for RPing? Well....the system's a nightmare. Leveling is horrendously slow and tedious so you can't easily out level the enemies to walk around safely. You can only change jobs in town so you couldn't just stealth to the place you wanted to get to and switch classes for RP. The first Aetheryte requires you to be level 9 to attune to and no mounting means you literally have to walk around everywhere dodging aggressive enemies as you go. Do I think it's possible to RP there? Sure but I don't know if it'd honestly be worth the hassle of finding a safe place and getting everyone there.

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