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balmung The Spellstone Tournament

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Spellstone Tournament

Sundays, 8pm EST

@Fesca’s Wash, Central Thanalan ( 21.0  , 25.8 )


~ The following advertisement is placed in every major publication in Eorzea, with colorful fliers strewn throughout the four city-states. ~

Students of magic, brothers and sisters of sorcerous might. For some time now we have heard your concerns regarding the state of magical competition in Eorzea.

It is no secret that it is rather difficult to conduct a tournament of magic users. One cannot imagine why this might be the case, though I would hazard that we are a inquisitive sort, as keen to push the boundaries of our chosen arts as we are to test ourselves against our peers in the realms of spellcraft.

Although one could also argue that the authorities feel a certain degree of discomfort when a group of people who can set said peers ablaze with words gather in the one location, and this tends to make for a tense atmosphere for all concerned.

Our company has some experience with regulating a wide scale tournament with a cast of diverse and colourful participants, as anyone who attends the Grindstone can attest. Therefore, in partnership with our colleagues from the distant shores of the Far East, we offer those of a magical disposition a similar opportunity to test their might against their fellow Archons and Magisters, Sorcerers and Warlocks, Wizards and Scholars alike. Are you at the pinnacle of your art? Shall your foes tremble at your arcane might, or shall your flame be consumed by the magecraft of your foes?




We anticipate that this prompts a number of questions, and in an attempt to head them off, we present the following.

Q. When and where?
A. Very succinct. The tournament will be held at Fesca’s Wash in Central Thanalan at every 8th bell of the eve of Firesday.

Q. Why there?
A. A familiar environment is very relaxing for such things, or so I am told. Why anywhere really when you get down to it?

Q. Being struck with magic is quite painful. Are there provisions against this?
A. As with the Grindstone, healers will be on site to heal any participants before their next round or following their defeat. However, we appreciate that it is significantly harder to heal being burned alive by a Fire III spell than it is to heal a sword cut. Our colleagues from the Far East have provided us the service of a Geomantic Field for the occasion.

Q. Geomantic Field?
A. When you step within the Geomantic Field, provided we have your permission to do so, the field will dampen your magic. We are assured that it will still look impressive when you cast your spells, but the impact will be reduced to a manageable level, akin to being struck by a dull blade. We hope you appreciate that this is a necessary precaution to take to create a safe environment for our participants.

Q. Isn’t that a bit weak?
A. Have you ever been hit with a dull blade before? I assure you it still smarts.

Q. What if my particular brand of magic is, let’s say on the extralegal side?
A. If you are a practitioner of an illegal art, or in particular, a user of the void, you will not be welcome at the Spellstone. If you attend regardless and violate this simple precept, your participation will be terminated with prejudice. By which I mean we will arrest you.


Q. What exactly is considered illegal magic?
A. Let’s start with anything that caused a world sweeping flood centuries ago and encompass the full spectrum of Void magic. In general, if you would be uncomfortable bringing it up to the authorities, chances are we will not tolerate it here.

Q. What if I want to do tag team magic?
A. This is more a solo affair. Have you tried Spellguard instead? I hear that it’s pretty good.

Q. What do I get for winning?
A. There will be a purse for the winner, as well as the recognition that comes with being the victor of a tournament of your magical peers, which I’m sure you will agree is the real prize at stake here.

Should this prospect intrigue you, then I hope to see you at our inaugural event this weekend. Come hells or high waters, a champion of magecraft shall be crowned!



Spellstone employs a simple set of rules meant to ensure the relative safety of competitors, staff, volunteers, and spectators alike. Any who are familiar with other fighting tournaments (such as the Grindstone) will already have a grasp of these rules, but for those who have never participated in such events, we ask you to read over them very carefully before deciding whether you wish to compete! Any and all are invited to participate, from seasoned archmage to learning student of the arcane; this is a contest meant to give those of magical inclination a battleground to test themselves and their mastery, as well as foster relations between mages from all walks of life!






1. No force that would be lethal - even without the dampening field. While injuries and pain will be sustained on the field of battle, we at Spellstone do not condone outright murder, dismemberment, or permanent harm of any participants. Remember that you are within sight of Ul’dah’s gates - Immortal Flames are on hand at any moment to deal with attempted murder and drag away the offending individual to face incarceration or otherwise.

2. No illegal magics - this includes Black Magic, White Magic, Void Magic, Necromancy, etc. Have a care of your surroundings and do not do anything that could earn you the suspicion of your peers or alert authorities to illegal actions.

3. No removing your opponent's will to fight via sleep spells or other mental manipulation. This is a contest of magical strength and prowess; if you are not going to fight fairly, do not enter.

4. No animals.

5. You will be medically cleared before beginning each round. If you have sustained injuries, they will be healed via potion or spell. You will not be allowed to move on if you deny healing and recovery-based tonics.

6. No use of ether potions or other external means to regain Aether. This is also a test in managing your resources. As specified under rule three, if you do not intend to fight fairly, do not sign up to compete!

7. No fighting with a condition that will make your participation in the tournament more dangerous ( such as an unhealed prior injury or pregnancy ). No staff, volunteers, or participants in Spellstone wish to worsen prior health conditions to the point they endanger your life. Have a care for yourself and others around you.

8. This is a tournament of magic - no striking your opponent with martial weapons and techniques. Use of melee weapons as foci or a means to direct your magic are accepted, but do not attempt to cleave your opponent in two; save that for the Grindstone.




1. Treat everyone with basic respect and decency.

2. If you have concerns related to the Spellstone or its participants, bring them directly to leadership. This includes concerns relating to the "lore friendliness" of spells your opponent is using, ways to improve the event and Discord, concerns about the OOC history of other participants, special considerations your character will need, and many more things. We won't know unless you tell us!

3. By participating in the Spellstone, you agree that if your character is disruptive, staff characters will be able to overpower them and remove them from the event. This will be done ICly via features built into the spell dampening field, so that we don't force you to accept that our characters can automatically beat yours in a fair fight.

4. No gatekeeping or policing. Unless a character's player has been issued a ban by the staff, they are welcome. If you feel any characters or players who are present should be kept away, bring your concerns to the staff (see OOC rule 2). This also governs IC posturing and threatening to keep people you don't like away.


Participation is optional and by participating you agree to adhere to all rules.


~ There will be a prize of 300k to the tournament victor at the end of the night - as well as an additional sur-prize for the winner, which will change every week! ~


Caveats to be aware of: All of us at Spellstone understand that disconnections can happen at any time, for any number of reasons. However, in the case of such, participants will only be alloted 10 minutes once their character disappears from the game world to log back in. Should a participant not return within this time limit, their match will be considered a forfeit and their opponent allowed to advance. This is in the spirit of keeping the tournament fair and moving forward.


~ We will be using the Grindstone approach of /random rolling for defense and offense! ~


Event staff and volunteers can be found by the Looking to Meld symbol, though a detailed list is provided below. 

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Spellstone Staff and Volunteers


Like the Grindstone, a dedicated team of people help make up the inner workings of Spellstone. Though our volunteers may shift per week, you will always be able to find the primary staff listed below for any questions, comments, or concerns - both IC and OOC.



Artemis Newton


Lead Curator and Judge

Aidou Mierqid


Enforcer and Arbitrator

Lucerna Sainahs


Volunteer, Supply, and Medical Staff Manager

Saikhantuyaa Oronir


Primary Medic

Syngihast Moegmhuwyn




Fu Majime

Gilda Reed

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I don't do a lot of activity here, but I'm one of the runners for Spellstone. Just let us know if you have any questions, comments, or want to say hi!

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Our first Spellstone was a great success, thanks in no small part to the interest and participation of our growing community! A total of 10 mages showed up to strut their stuff and compete for the championship - but only 1 left with tonight's purse and extra sur-prize! 


Please congratulate Arrin Dondayn for being our first Spellstone victor, in our inaugural tournament - otherwise known as Episode I: Kotatsu



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Our second week of Spellstone saw a few more competitors coming to join in the spell-slinging fun and excitement! This time, 14 mages lined up to fight for the title of Spellstone champion - but as always, only 1 of them could walk away with the gil purse and extra sur-prize!


We would like to give a big congratulations to Sa'ran Kha, a new arrival who took Spellstone by storm tonight in Episode II: Southern Kitchen!



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A third week comes, and again the Spellstone continues to flourish through the support of our growing community! This evening, a total of 17 mages stepped up to compete for a chance at glory and gil - but as is ever the case, only 1 of them could grasp victory!


We would like to congratulate Tahni'sae 'Sae' Farreihm on his championship! He utterly trounced the brackets tonight in Episode III: Nightsteel Daggers!



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Our fourth week saw plenty of fighters coming out to strut their stuff, even in Thanalan's raging heat wave! The line began this evening with 16 mages ready to fight for gil and glory - but only 1 walked away tonight with it all!


Tonight, we would like to give a great round of applause to Riku Nonokune for his victory in Episode IV: Thavnairian Wool Autumn!



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Week five of Spellstone hit off with a myriad of fighters - some familiar faces, and many new ones as well. This evening, a total of 14 mages lined up ready to sling their best spells and fight for the title - but only 1 can ever walk home with a full purse of gil and extra sur-prize!


Please give a great round of applause to Alexander Rendon on his first Spellstone - and first night as victor! For a self-proclaimed "terrible mage", he trounced the brackets tonight in Episode V: Sea Breeze!



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Another week has come and gone - and as ever, the Spellstone is here to ring in the new one! Tonight, we had 16 mages lining up to fight for a decidedly meowvelous sur-prize! .... and the gil that came with it, of course. But only 1 pawerful spell-slinger could come out on top!


Please give a resounding applause to Nya- I'm sorry, Naya Dalamiq! She was the most determined to win the fancatstical sur-prize this week in Episode VI: A Meowvelous Gift!


( We at Spellstone would also like to wish our dear Lucerna's cat, Cirina Meowl, a lovely 7th birthday! This week's prize pack was made in her honor! )



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Tonight was a quiet eve - it seems as though a frenzy has taken itself upon adventurers far and wide, those in search of monsters to hunt and bounties to collect! But at least here at Spellstone, 12 mages still gathered for a chance at that beautiful prize money... and perhaps 1 winner got an extra sur-prize they hadn't bargained for!


We at Spellstone would like to give a huge round of applause to one of our long-time competitors on her first championship since our founding! Fiona Delaine trounced all this evening with her fantastical display of magical prowess - well done on your deserved win in Episode VII: Monster Hunter



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The past week has seen Moonfire Faire causing quite a frenzy among beach-goers, with the night sky alight with a brilliant array of colors and sound! Another now comes upon us. Spellstone, as always, is here to welcome it with open arms... and no small amount of fireworks of our own! Tonight, 15 competitors gathered at the rock to compete for gil, glory, and bragging rights until our next tournament - but only 1 could walk away with it all!


After quite the grueling match, we are pleased to announce another long-time competitor's rise to the title of championship with K'sato Tia's victory! An absolutely outstanding job tonight, and we of Spellstone hope you enjoy the culinary delights to come after Episode VIII: Cooking Lessons with Lucerna!



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The Rising is a time of remembrance - a time to recall upon a disastrous moment that ushered in a new era, and offer prayers for the souls lost in the Calamity. With Goobbues lining up outside the walls of Ul'dah and food carts driven by Namazu bearers, Spellstone rang in our final tournament of this month with plenty of laughter, camaraderie, and.... a whole lot of good eating. Tonight, 15 mages gathered together upon the Moonfire Faire's passing - but only 1 can ever walk away with their gil pouch jingling!


We would like to give a round of applause to yet another long-time Spellstone fighter whose star finally shone this night! Garron Durieux believed in himself - and the us that believed in him - enough to rise to the top of the brackets and claim victory in Episode IX: Hingan Delights!




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Apparently the best way to remember and pay respects to those lives lost in what could have been the end of the world.... is to reenact the final countdown days as seen in Ul'dah and elsewhere! Amazing. Anyhoo, questionable military training aside, tonight Spellstone saw 16 mages lining up beneath a perfectly normal moon to sling spells at things that aren't voidsent - but as always, only 1 could walk away with the gil purse and extra sur-prize!


After a few weeks of long-time tournament regulars, we finally had a new upstart rise to shine above them all! Please congratulate Kaede Nolan on her stunning victory this evening in Episode X: Final Witness


( Also known as Calamity PTSD. Lovely. )



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There is a strange buzz beginning to overtake adventurers far and wide. Rumors of azure magicks heretofore unseen, and whispers of a prelude swathed in violet colors... we here at Spellstone don't quite know what any of that means, but what we do know is another week has come upon us! And with it, a total of 14 mages lined up outside the gates of Ul'dah to sling fireballs and ice and levin and what have you at each other's faces - but only 1 could climb atop the drained competitors and ascend to champion!


Another upstart has shined above their peers this day, though he is anything but young! We'd like to give a big congratulations to Mountain's Shadow tonight on his stunningly disease-ridden victory in Episode XI: Dressed to the Nines!



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Tonight felt as though the calm before a storm. With the Rising's closure, a new vivacity will soon arise to wash away the solemnity having gripped adventurers far and wide - and Spellstone will ever be here to greet it. This week, we saw a total of 12 mages line up to pay their final respects to those lost in the Calamity - but only 1 could rise above their peers for gil and glory!


Tonight's shining star is fittingly a child of Nhaama's sky, and so we would like to congratulate Kokoghoa Borlaaq on her victory this eve in Episode XII: The Nadaam!



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Adventurers seem to be growing in abundance these days, though oddly enough this eve was fairly quiet for all the new faces gathering within the city-states - perhaps some grand menace to the planet has arrived, or a wayward phoenix needs to be put down? Who knows. What we do know is, tonight 10 mages showed to Spellstone to strut their stuff and compete for that sweet gil purse - but only 1 could walk away, as ever and always!


In a chilling display of stone cold magical prowess, Oswyn Carter secured his victory within the clutches of an icy fist. Please congratulate him on his win this eve in Episode XIII: Prelude in Alpha!



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As one moon draws to a close, another begins to creep its way into our hearts and minds - perhaps somewhat literally! Spellstone rung in the final eve of this past moon with a staggering number of participants and spectators gathered alike! Last night, a total of 16 mages lined up to send us off with a bang - but only 1 could rise victorious above their peers!


Like a phoenix resurfacing from the ashes, last eve saw one of our former champions once more sprint to the top in an explosive display of magical prowess and skill! Please give a returned round of applause for Kokoghoa Borlaaq, who claimed the music of a firebird alongside her renewed victory in Episode XIV: Sunrise!



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Spellstone rung in our fifteenth week tonight! We want to give a huge thanks to all of our supporters, participants, and staff who have made this possible up to this point - here's to many more tournaments to come!


Tonight we saw 13 mages come out, and the victory went to a new face we are happy to welcome into the Spellstone community. Please congratulate Anri Molkoh on her victory tonight in Episode XV: Whisperfine!



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So which of you went around town shouting about the tournament, huh? Tonight we saw a huge turnout, enough of one that we finally had to use brackets!


A new record number of 26 ( dang! ) competitors and plenty of spectators showed up tonight, with Anri Molkoh taking victory a second week in a row! Please give this amazing fighter a round of applause for her achievement this week in Episode XVI: A Realm Reborn!



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Our previous champion's win streak has ended!


Going back to typical numbers, we had a total of 14 mages come out tonight - with long-time participant and daughter of an even longer-time participant coming out on top to stand victorious! Please congratulate Oliviae Svenay on her spectacular win this evening in Episode XVII: Dungeon Chorus!



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Tonight at Spellstone, we celebrated All Saint's Wake a wee bit early to round off the new week, as we head into November! We were all really happy to see people show up in their favorite costumes and cosplays - many of you were quite creative. 


A total of 17 mages lined up tonight, with one of our first champions making a devil of a comeback and taking back his seat tonight! Please congratulate Alexander Rendon, whose motivation saw him towards victory tonight in Episode XVIII: Spooking with a Flare!



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It's November! Time for pumpkin spice everything ( even things that shouldn't be ) and fuzzy sweaters. And mages throwing fireballs at each other to warm up the cold nights!


Tonight we saw 12 mages line up to compete, and after a resounding three match knock-down drag-out, we crown a triple star winner! Kokoghoa Borlaaq shows up the competition once more for her third victory and championship in our history - give her a big congratulations tonight for Episode XIX: Catching the Big One!



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Tonight we saw 13 mages show up to strut their stuff - and bet on their first round matches in today's Nadaam-themed fundraiser. Thanks to all generous donations placed as bets tonight; know that the money goes directly to funding future Spellstone gil rewards and potential sur-prizes.


After a grueling match, S'honji Hayakawa emerged victorious in this week's Episode XX: The Azim Steppe.



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Tonight saw a total of 17 mages lining up on the fields of glory - with one rising victorious above the rest.


In a stunning display, Dorados Dawnbreaker won round after round to finally claw his way to the top! Give him a round of congratulations for a superb victory in Episode XXI: Final Fantasy Fish Festival.



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Tonight saw an otterly fantastic lineup of regulars and new competitors alike, with a total of 14 mages lining up to compete for a pricey pouch and sur-prize.


Please help us congratulate Oliviae Svenay on her second championship! She continues to grow and improve through trials and tribulations, such as today in Episode XXII: Otterly Fabulous.



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