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balmung Private Detective, Looking for Work.

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Hey there folks, I'm a relative newbie to FFXIV, and looking for some patient RP contacts to help me build my character! Although still fairly new to Eorzea, I'm an experienced RPer, a quick learner, and have RPed as dozens of characters in numerous games.


Hieronymous Wrex

* Race: Roegadyn

* Gender: Male

* Alignment: Lawful Neutral

* Sexuality: Straight

* Background: Wrex is a tortured soul with a regretful past and a repentant eye towards the future. Born in Limsa Lominsa and raised there as an orphan, he has spent a considerable portion of his life in the navy, serving with the Maelstrom as a seaman and later as an intelligence officer. Now retired from military life, he regrets much of the time he spent serving, and has repurposed the skills he gained in his first career in order to find new work in Ul'dah as a private investigator. Above all, he desires to help people, and hopes that by giving aid to the downtrodden, he might redeem himself from the regrets of his past life.

* Personality: Seemingly aloof and sarcastic, he can often strike people as being uncaring. He does, however, have a tendency to devote himself completely to any cause he feels strongly about, and is quick to offer his help to anyone he thinks might need it.

* Hooks: He is currently seeking work in Ul'dah as a private detective. He also has a long history of service in the Maelstrom, and is likely to recognize other veterans with similar service records.


About Me


I'm an experienced roleplayer who loves creating complex characters and getting lost in intricate plots. I adore a good mystery or adventure, and definitely won't turn my nose up to any romance that blossoms along the way. My only real hang-up is with Mary Sues, which I don't have much patience for. I love discovering and exploring the flaws in characters, and am easily bored by those that seem 'too perfect'.


I'm currently in UTC+6 (Central US), and although I try to get online as often as possible, my playtime can sometimes be a bit spotty, so I'll probably be easiest to reach via Discord. If you're interested in RPing there, send me a PM and I'll send you my details, otherwise I look forward to seeing you in game!




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Hello there and welcome to FFXIV! :) My character runs an information brokering and private investigations business, herself. Wrex is welcome to work with us anytime, or perhaps their work could just let the two characters bump into each other as an excuse for some RP!

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Welcome to FF14! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Its funny reading this post, because i just made a Lalafell character who is also a...Inspector?

She is kind of energetic and can be random at times. But she became a inspector because she wanted to help her brother be relieved from a curse.
Maybe the two could work together sometimes? I am sure that they would be a comedy duo xD

Let me know what you think!

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