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mateus Engineer Swordsman needs Friends

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Sigward Locke

Half-Roe Engineer and Swordsman


Locke's past is kept his secret, but many meet him and learn quickly he's happy with who he is despite that. The man is loud, boisterous, loving, smart-assed, and at times has a very foreward tongue that can get him into a grand deal of trouble. The man currently holds no Free Company's badge, and thus works as an Engineer for hire, often offering his knowledge or his services before heading back to wait for more work. He is often seen with two swords by his hip, one tied off by a red string, the other the one he more actively uses. Closer inspection would show that he is far from a normal Hyur despite appearances, actually the offspring of Roegadyn and Hyur reproduction. Despite the sword on his hip, he does not have true samurai training. He wields the blade, but his fighting style is almost entirely his own, and shows as such with how much it lacks the discipline and time spent compared to true sword arts. On his other hip, he keeps a small firearm: A rifle that had been made as just the grip to a swan off barrel, with the rest in between. 


On the inside however he has a deal of self doubt. No matter how confident he appears, he is battling his internal demons and trying to tell himself he's worth a damn. Its because of this that he does take time to actually find himself close to anyone, though approaching him is an easy task. He has shied away from a lot of company offers due to this, and is easilly found drinking himself to a good nights rest to escape this mentality. But, most times, you will see him smile, laugh, and probably slap him when he prods your rear as a joke.

Note: Butt prodding done only with OOC permission, this is a family friendly profile!


General Profile

Name: Sigward Locke

Age: 29

Race: Half-Roe (Midlander/Seawolf)

Occupation: Engineer

Class: Samurai

Combat Style: Self-taught sword arts, firearms

Home: Ul'dah

Personality: Friendly, loving, smart-assed, flirty, protective

Enjoys: Drinking, gambling, company, sparring, Tonberry related merchandise, working on Airships, coming up with inventions.

Dislikes: Pointless violence, Social Classes, Cold Regions, Himself, His Family, Emotional vulnerability, Lonliness

Magically Capable: No

Skills: Cooking, Triple Triad, Engineering (Magitech, Machines, airships, advanced weaponry), chocobo tending, drinking way too much

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight* This is not a hard sexuality, feel free to inquire within




  • Long-term Plots
  • Short-Term Plots
  • Ongoing Story Arcs
  • Free Company (Ones with ongoing stories and adventures)
  • Open to Romance or similar situations
  • Rivals


Feel free to boop me ingame, or PM me for my discord if you may be interested!

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If he's need of a book-keeper, and a contact in the Maelstrom, or just someone to hang out with after any work to have drinks with at the Gold Saucer, or even a rival/friendly chocobo racer (Caudecus is pretty heavy into the racing scene on his off hours.), feel free to hit me up. My character, Caudecus Patenaude, is an Ishgard-born Duskright Elezen, a member of the Maelstrom, and someone often buried in paperwork. But really optimistic and willing to have friends~


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The Drink buddy part sounds the most doable. His book keeping is sadly very simple, as he has no real place to live so he's constantly spending his gil on Inn rooms to keep going. He also does not own a chocobo to race, he just tends to them :'D

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