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Are there any lore taboos on calling yourself a "witch"?

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Hello all,


I've recently comeback to the game and I'm developing a new character that I envision as a Witchy / Alchemist. I wanted her to simply refer to herself as a witch.


I was wondering if there is any taboo on that? I know Black Mage is a no-no because of lore constraints. So really I consider her a thaumaturge, that dabbles in alchemy as well and likes to refer to herself as a witch.


I'd like her to not break any lore walls if possible nor have what I call her ruffle any feathers if possible.


Thanks for your time!

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AFAIK Witch is refered to in places, names and items but is not a common use term.


You want to play a witch so you are already walking outside of the well defined path of lore. It certainly does not appear as a job or class and I have had issue with folks claiming it is not part of the game because of that (a very limited view of the game imo)


So I would advise taking the approach of using witch but accept that some will frown IC on the label. Which kind of fits nice with witch and IC stigma. If some folks have a problem with that, I expect they will have a problem with a lot of things.

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IIRC, Matoya was sometimes called a witch as well as a sage, so the concept exists in Eorzea. The aesthetic also exists, if you consider seasonal events semi-canon (the game treats 'em as in-universe canon, so...). Taboos will probably vary depending on the player, but there's no inherent taboo in lore to the word 'witch'.


IIRC Iceheart was also considered a witch, so there's a negative connotation (potentially just 'BAD MAGE') but not a taboo.

However. Some people may also consider witch an allusion to Black Mages, so I'd personally suggest keeping her more on the down low in Ul'dah - I don't know how many people really roleplay it, but Ul'dah is the home of the people who tend to imprison black mages, so... It'd make sense if she kept her head down around there, especially considering her training in thaumaturgy.

Could entirely play her as acknowledging it sounds Black Magey as a tongue-in-cheek sort of name choice, though. :P

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There is also a place called Witchdrop


Coerthas Central Highlands ( 27.3  , 14.7 )

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Black mage, white mage, etc, are not a "no-no" in lore. But as you say, it comes with a bundle of certain constraints you have to be aware of when choosing to play one.

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"All in the Order of Nald’thal know well the legend of Shatotto, a mighty thaumaturge from the fifth of Astral Eras. Her creation of destructive and catastrophic spells evoked as much fear as it did respect, prompting ignorant souls to call her unsavory names—Death’s Handmaiden, the Black Witch, and the She-Devil among them. She was also possessed of an otherworldly talent for crafting thaumaturgical staves. Among her creations, the Stardust Rods are by far the most powerful and coveted, believed as they are to be fashioned from the celestial remnants of a star Shatotto herself brought down to Hydaelyn and clove asunder."


Interpret as you will. What I personally infer from this is that the word "Witch" has very negative connotations if it's being used in an unsavory fashion. I call my own character a "dune witch" and it's certainly meant as a negative thing. If someone called her that IC she would not be a happy lady.

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