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A Basic Rough Draft of a Backstory - Does it fit with the Lore?

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Hey again! I'm starting to really pump out the writings here recently in hopes to further move things along to establish a character within community and to dive in! What I have here today, as the title suggests, is a rough draft I managed to type up about my first character, Varus. While it doesn't have the 'neatness' to it as of yet, it contains the general backstory for my character. And so, here it is:



Hailing from a small, cozy settlement that’s squeezed in the far-off corner of Western Thanalan and pitted against the sea that caresses its borders, the Silver Bazaar is where Varus calls home. This formerly bustling hamlet was a waypoint for traders for all manner of goods that arrived from across the seas. Fathered by part-time fisherman that finds his primary profession as a dockworker and mothered by a talented weaver, Varus comes from an honest, yet comfortable beginning.


In his youth, Varus bore witness to the ceaseless wonders of the trade; discovering the many different peoples boasting a variety of backgrounds as they dropped anchor and preached their wares to the locals. On the occasions of when the merchants brought along their young sons and daughters, Varus was always the first to greet and to entertain them with play, as his fascination for those hailing from unseen lands never dwindled and his eagerness to claim friends as far as the seas could stretch.


As Varus grew older and slightly more tamed from his more rambunctious childhood, he saw the beginnings of the rapid influx of Ala Mhingo refugees; unfortunate souls displaced by the marauding Garleans and their current occupation of Ala Mhingo. With their numbers rapidly swelling the community, this small hamlet grew into a large Ala Mhigan fishing settlement. While Varus’ fascination of folk from elsewhere was still a large interest to him, he grew ever bashful towards those that instead opted to find a home here within the Silver Bazaar; vastly unaccustomed with those who stayed instead departing some time later.


When the Calamity stuck Eorzea, the massive destruction that followed the rising of the Seventh Umbral Era, the Silver Bazaar seemed relatively unharmed as scars were laid bare elsewhere throughout the continent. However, the Calamity brought with it a drastic change of the environment. What was once a settlement that prospered from the fishing dried up, as the fish disappeared from the usual spots. People began to leave the settlement as opportunity began to fade. What was once a glowing waypoint of trade quickly becoming dormant.


Now, Hammerlea developers are beginning to buy up the homes and deeds of those of whom still stayed within the Silver Bazaar, aiming towards to rebuild the once bustling outpost to its ‘former glory’. With work being hard to come by and his parents being hard pressed to sell their home to the encroaching developers, Varus takes what little coin he has and sets his sights upon Ul’dah; the city that has turned sand into gold, in hopes of finding his own fortunate to assist his parents in maintaining their home, or perhaps to even move to Ul’dah.


Currently, after spending some three twelvemoons (years) in Ul’dah, Varus has managed to join the Gladiator’s Guild that resides within its districts with the intentions of entering tournaments to earn gil. Taking the wins and losses as he can, he sends what money he can spare back to his home while affording the rest to his own person to maintain a lively hood within the city-state. In between his bouts in tournaments, he occasionally takes up jobs that involve clearing off beasts that threaten properties or that to simple deliveries.




Is there anything too jarring or seemingly out of place with the story in terms of lore? Does it seem like it fits or stands well so far by itself or needs more work?

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All of that looks good! That's pretty much the lore of the Silver Bazaar and Hammerlea, and it's pretty on point for someone who would've grown up there!

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