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Sharlayan Moon Keeper LF friends/a friendly FC

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Hello! Currently looking to make some friends to RP with my main character, Senrhi Nyerhah! She's got quite the history since I've been playing her a few years now, and is very happily married to someone she loves dearly, but I've never been able to find a lasting active friendship for her. If any guys or gals out there have been looking for someone to pal around with, hang out in town and chat about whatever, maybe even go to some events now and then, please feel free to drop me a line!

Here is her RPC page: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Senrhi_Nyerhah


On another note, I (as a player) and Senrhi (as a character) both have a long and terrible history with bad guilds, whether scummy or merely unfavorable, it's a big pile of terrible experiences. So! The point here is that I'd really like to find one that I can love without worrying about being abruptly stabbed in the back after a couple of months, it'd be really cool if Senrhi could participate in something adventure-y, magic-y, or maybe both.

Some other notes:

  • I am actually pretty squeamish, so I don't do well with blood/gore/hardcore violence and things on that level. This doesn't mean fighting is bad, but I just don't like super graphic stuff.
  • Senrhi (in-character) and myself (out of character) can be sort of shy at first, it might take time to get used to people and warm up to them.
  • I may come off as a little bit hostile on occasion, but I swear I don't mean it that way. I am generally super nice, and I love to help people out with content (I can provide healer queues!), give tips on lore when needed (on subjects I know about of course), and the occasional 50 and under crafting (sans alchemy and cooking).
  • If my behavior or manner of speaking in any way becomes an issue, let me know. Tell me. I will make an effort to rephrase things, but I will not know I offended anyone if I am not told, because I am not a mind-reader.
  • I am on the east coast US, but most times of day won't be an issue for me if they are planned/arranged beforehand. 


If there is anything else not answered by this post or the tags on it, feel free to ask via comment or message!

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My hubby and I are in the process gathering people to join our fc who are interested in rp. It’s new to me but I’m super excited to make new friends and build some great relationships. I typed out a whole reply before this one and it somehow got deleted lol. So I’m trying to piece together everything I said 😝

we haven’t begun recruiting yet because we are still working out the finer details. But I was reading your post and my first thought was... that’s exactly what I’m looking for! 

Even though we are still working it out I would love to hang out in game some time! I’m in the eastern time zone as well so we’re usually on after 5 on weekdays and most times on weekends 😊 I am on Jenova ... my characters name is Magealina Jolie! Please feel free to add me and come hang out!!! 

I included a pic of my hubby and I 🥰😍


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That sounds great, and I'm happy to know that I fit what you're seeking for this new fc! Unfortunately Jenova is not in my data center - it is in the Aether Data Center, and Mateus is in the Crystal Data Center after the system changes that happened back in April. Worlds in the same Data Center can be visited between, but unfortunately there is no casual visitation between Data Centers, so I will not be able to RP with you guys unless you decide to transfer to Crystal. ☹️

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Heya! I know this is quite a bit of a late response since you first posted but if you were still hunting some one to hangout around with my girl Syn probably would fit the bill. I actually have been rebuilding my FC from the ground up as a RP FC and just recently bought a medium that I will be turning into a tavern for the RP. I am married in game to my BF OOC so we enjoy going around on the weekends after raids and hitting up some bars for fun. Given I  have been wanting to  roam more often and actually enjoy the RP community more than I have been. So having a friend to roam with and get into mischief with would be tons of fun, I have a few friends OOC that also RP that I chat with, but none IC that I can actually enjoy goofing around with. My character is played as the owner of a Relic Hunters guild, it allows us to both play the game for what it is, be it treasure map hunting, raiding, dungeon crawling, farming mounts, etc. but also allows us to Rp with people. So if you are still looking and interested in meeting up or something for fun just let me know!

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Hi there! me and my fiance would love to meet you and rp :3 ( sorry in a dungeon of sorts right now cant type much >.< ) but we're on zelera and would love to meet up and be friends :3  I go by Eywa Feyrbrand and my fiance is Yli Feyrbrand :3 

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