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mateus Forum-wide Fellowship?

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Has anyone made one for here? If not, I was about to do it.

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For the most part, the RPC tries to stay out of making RPC-endorsed groups or "official" RPC groups like discords, social media accounts, or in-game groups like Linkshells, Free Companies, or Fellowships due to both member number limits and the need for moderation of those groups. While I understand that making such a thing with the site's name/branding is does out of good intentions, it opens up a can of worms if say, Player A doesn't like something going in a group made by Player B and blames the entire site as a whole when the staff here had nothing to do with it. We have in the past asked other groups using "Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition" as their titles to please make a unique name to various extents as we cannot actually enforce it. (Roleplay Mateus / RPM was an example where things were sorted out amicably!)

TLDR: Please do not make "official" RPC discords, LSes, FCs, or fellowships as that gets us into hot water. 

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