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Job/Class Clarification


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Alright, I'm just trying to get some clarification on the topic of jobs, how they function, and the such. I know that two classes make one job, such as lvl 30 Lancer and a lvl 15 Pugilist unlocks Dragoon, I believe. My question stems from purpose and use. Do you have to level jobs as well? Are jobs basically only used for dungeons and stuff like that? And for the ooc sake, is there anywhere that lists what stats are needed for what class?


Sorry if I seem like I ask a lot of questions, I just want to make sure I have all my facts straight before I potentially cripple my character late game.

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Jobs take the level of the higher class, if I remember right. That is, if you are 30 lancer and unlock your dragoon, you will be level 30 dragoon. EXP gained as a lancer contributes to both lancer and dragoon, and vice versa. Dragoon will have special job abilities gained through quests (every five levels).


I can't help you with the stats for ARR, as they've changed from what I knew!

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Awesome, good to know. Thank you. Now just to figure out what stats I need to focus on. Even though I'm playing for rp and all, it's still nice to be useful. I'm guessing str and dex with some vit, but that's just an assumption.

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This then begs the question of Arcanist and Scholar/Summoner. Will they both be leveled to the Arcanist?


Also the idea that Jobs are just for group content. I found that interesting. Does that mean a job is weaker solo or something? I never got to the point in 1.0 to unlock a job, but seems things have changed anyway.

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I believe that both jobs will be tied to the Arcanist level and vice versa.  You can increase all three by exping on any one of the three - if that makes more sense.  But this is the first time we've had a class branch into multiple jobs, so they may do something different.  It remains to be seen.


Also generally speaking, I believe S-E wants it such that jobs are made to be more specific and tailored to party play while classes are more versatile and cater more to solo play.  For example, as a dragoon you may not have access to some of the other class abilities for regenerating your HP for example, however you gain specific job abilities geared towards enhancing the amount of damage you can do.

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The Arcanist does raise that interesting question. It would be pretty nice to have a class that could switch between a dps and a support job, though. Interested to see how that works out. 


And thank you for the info. That makes a lot more sense now.

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Found this while snooping around to answer a question I had and figured I'd throw this up here. Maybe it'll help someone else as well. 



TL;DR: Strength increases melee attack damage (obviously), but also how much damage is mitigated from a parry or block. Dexterity increases ranged damage as well as how often you parry. Vitality increases your hp (obviously). Intelligence increases spell damage. Mind increases how much healing you do. Piety increases maximum mp. I hope this helps someone.

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Thanks for clearing that up. And Nox, thanks for the tl;dr above regarding stats. I always keep forgetting what does what.

Not a problem. I figured I'd put that so it could be used as a reference just in case. That way no one has to watch a 13 minute video just to figure out what one stat does (if they ever need to check).

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I find it easier to consider the jobs as basically a reskin or template of the class they are based on.  Mechanically, it seems like the effect jobs have is on your stats and cross-class skill slots.  While playing a Dragoon, you're still a Lancer, just your stats are more focused on DPS priority, and a certain number of your cross-class skills are locked in as Dragoon-specific skills.  Plus I think the variety of cross-class skills you can take are also locked to only two other base classes (Dragoon can only use pugilist and archer cross-class skills, for example).  You're essentially trading versatility for raw power.


All experience you gain as a Dragoon are applied to Lancer, and your effective Dragoon level is equal to your Lancer level.  It's not a true class change, but more like the addition of a template.  A Dragoon is still a Lancer, just better at being a Lancer.




Down at the bottom of this page, it describes each job, the requirements for unlocking the different jobs, and what classes they can still draw from for their cross-class skills.  I haven't unlocked any jobs in the beta yet to test them out, but this is from the lodestone, so it should be fairly accurate.

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