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New to the RPC and FFXIV

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Hi! I wouldn't describe myself as an avid roleplayer, but I enjoy some rp, and prefer to have a background and purpose for characters I play.  I won't usually get into RP chatting, probably because I'm not much of a talker IRL, but I'll sometimes participate, especially if I'm in the right mood.


The only MMOs I've played for more than a year are EQ (Firona Vie) and FFXI (Ramuh), the latter being my favorite MMO for gameplay, though I enjoyed EQ quite a bit as well.  Others include WoW, EQ2, and SW:TOR.


As an FFXI player, I looked forward to FFXIV, but never even tried it because of the universally bad reviews.  As I'm sure many are, I'm optimistic about ARR, even though the gameplay seems quite different than FFXI.  I'll probably join Balmung, but might opt for a new server if there is lots of interest.  I plan to veer myself toward more sociableness than usual -- it's not my natural tendency, so I'll put some effort into it. :cactuar:


...scary cactuars.

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Heya welcome to the RPC!


If you have any questions feel to free to ask


There is ton's of helpful information on the site provided by the lovely people here


Here is a nice thread created by Xenedra on getting started.


Here is  here is a not so forbidden scripture RP handbook created by Eva.


Or if you just want to see the story so far I recommend watching Merri's Look at the Seventh Umbral Era.


Either way I hope you enjoy your stay!

Also :tonberry:'s are more scary!

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