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I'm brand new to RP and last night I had my first experience. It was awesome! Crises attended the Shroudrose Teahouse tea party where she enjoyed delicious tea, wonderful atmosphere, and made some great friends! I don't really know when I went to sleep, but I do know it was a blast and I can't wait to do it again! Today I worked primarily on fleshing out her back story. The hardest part was working her military history together and making it feel cohesive and sensical, not only to her and her being, but Final Fantasy XIV lore as well. 


I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at what I have? I've created a Carrd page for her here: crises-rahz.carrd.co


The military background is redacted for two reasons:

  1. Hide spoilers
  2. You wouldn't get as much information from a military record in any case.


If it needs changing, if I am completely off, or if she sounds like she's all over the place, please let me know! 


Side note, regarding the mention of my sister: Call it kismet, but a fellow player found me staring at the aetheryte in the Ul'dah Aetheryte Plaza. Their name: M'ahri Rahz. A sister by Crises' father, M'Rahz Nunh! We, of course, made friends, and have since decided to integrate our stories. Last night we actually moved that story along during an IC RP encounter in the South Shroud. It was great! Anyway, funny story!



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It was nice to get to meet M'crises last night! Thank you for coming to the teahouse and I'm glad you had a good time! :D Crises' carrd looks fine to me!

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You have a very well-designed card there, so you seem to know the character fairly well.


Have you considered adding RP hooks to it? Those might help other players know how and in what setting Crises might be approached without interactions feeling forced.

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Hey @Ihsan997! I had seen hooks on other Carrds before, but had not yet integrated any into Crises' persona. At this point, I'm confident in where she comes from and what she stands for, but I'm still trying to figure out which direction to take her. Character hooks should really open up the door to possibilities I didn't think of. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

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