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Website for hosting character bios?

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Specifically something that can be made simply (as I'm terribly unartistic) and linked in a search message. Bonus if it allows for multiple pages for multiple characters. Anyone have any suggestions, or praise for one you use yourself?

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Most people tend to use the RPC Wiki, one or more tumblr profiles, and more recently they've also taken to using carrd profiles too for a single-page experience.


The RPC Wiki provides some base templates you can copy from https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Category:Wiki_Templates from a "copy here" codebox. Then you just fill in the blanks and sections as wanted. If you're looking for something simpler with a basic visual editor, you'll probably find a tumblr or carrd easier to get going.

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I recommend using carrd. It's what most people use these days. It's organized and pretty simple to use since it's all user interface, so it doesn't involve messing with wikicode or any other sort of coding. You could create different sections for each character, or just create multiple carrds since you can manage up to the three on one free account. The URL's are also short enough that if you can find a short one for yourself, you can easily fit it into your search info (though you could, of course, just use an URL shortener).


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