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Hello hello

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And hi!


I kept waffling back and forth and finally tossing my hat in the ring and start trying to build up some connections and rp.


I've been rping since Ye Olden Yahoo User Chatroom days, and got involved rping in MMOs first in LotRO and more adamantly in Rift and it's become a gaming must for me, hahaha. Other games I've been into have been GW2, WildStar(RIP), The Secret World/Secret World Legends, and a wee bit of WoW. I also enjoy forum and ttrpg, so doc and discord rp are fun for me too. 


My characters thus far for FFXIV are Sen'ra, X'Vhett, and Jun'a--


All uh... miqo'te. Don'tyoujudgeme. Their carrds are all pretty heavy WIPs but available for viewing per request? 


I'm looking forward to getting more involved and maybe finding a nook to get cozy in. :)

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10 hours ago, Moon Type said:

Hello Sen'ra, welcome to the HRPC!


Ahh, Yahoo Messenger RP. What a Wild West situation that was, eh? Good memories though just the same.  ^_^

Oh geez yeah it was!! 🤣 Happy to see another from those shenanigans! Thank you!


5 hours ago, geminick said:

Hi and welcome! Like Faye said - you literally cannot go wrong with them catboys. 😁😇

Hahahah thank you!

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