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Brand new at Role Playing online!

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Hello, I just started RP'ing today and surprisingly loved the interactions I got this far. I'll admit I started just to see what it was like, but after starting and acting the character out, I really felt a while other connection with my character! I was also surprised at how cool other RP'ers were and how kind they were to me. I'm so excited for doing an RP character now. Any tips for a noobie RP'er? (I'm not new at FFXIV mind you, lol)

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Woo congrats 😄 actually doing it is the hardest jump so Go K'yalia 😄


Tips I'd say check out this thread/ guide:



Also I found this thread so helpful:



A lot of it is the basics I guess you already know but if you've read through those, I guess thats all the tips and everything else is questions as you go 😄 


Good luck and congrats again :) 

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Hey thanks a lot! I appreciate it. I was wondering how duties work when RP'ing. Since your character is NOT the Warrior of Light, is it normal to just act like adventurers that plunder these dungeons unrelated to story? How do you handle story if not the Warrior of Light? Do you just pretend like you were a Scion that went with the WoL?

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I asked the same question the other day 😅


All your progression is you as a player and unrelated to your RP character unless you are RPing a dungeon with people.

You can have been to Sastasha as one of the many parties for instance.


Likewise the Scions exist but many RPers are "not a part of them". Personally I used the Echo as my excuse that I've witnessed the events of the WOL without being him.


The roleplay is everything you character and others make in the world.

The story is for you as a player (if that makes sense). There is no harm in you RPing the Warrior of Light but it is a very restrictive role tbh.


My post on the same question:



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Hi and welcome to the RP community. Something that helped me when I first began RPing was basically to immerse yourself in the world and really think about your character. For example what are their hobbies, what do they excel at, what they're hindered by? What are their drives, their faults? I know that's alot in one sitting but you can just take it one step at a time, at your pace. Just think about the type of character you want to play as, and start from there. 

What also helps is learning the lore of the game. There are tabs I believe on this site dedicated to discussing/learning about the lore in the game, but here's a site that can potentially help as well below. The more you learn about the world and its history, the better you're able to immerse your character in it!

Anyways I'm rambling at this point sorry lol, but again welcome to the community and glad to have you! 



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